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Why I Said the Rumoured Retail Price of the Nexus 4 is “Still a Good Deal”

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  • Cy

    May I ask how much LG pay you for writing this ?

    This is the second time in 3 days lowyat right good things about the RM 1799, while in reality we all know LG sucks.

    • Vinod

      A quick check on the forum will show you that among the plastic-y models in the market, the LG ones are actually the least likely to cause problems. 🙂

      • anon

        It could also be LG phones have the least user among the many brands. Just saying…


    LG can suck my balls. Still overpirced from shit company

  • Cranky Guy

    Why are you two being LG haters? There is nothing the Nexus 4 or LG, you just hate people who like LG.
    And even if you don’t like it, you don’t need to go around bitching about it, it doesn’t bring you any harm to you, and it’s not even your money. Don’t be haters.

    • Joe

      In the same vein, what does their dissatisfaction with them voicing their opinion? Point a finger and three more point back at you

      • Cranky Guy

        I just don’t like haters, don’t get me wrong.

    • hater

      Ironically a hater doesn’t like another hater because he hate hater.

  • Mike

    “LG cannot survive on the low margins (if any – I’m merely speculating here) that each Nexus 4 sold at the Play Store would provide”
    Above statement is a load of rubbish. LG would not have taken the contract if it does not make business sense.

    • surjya

      thats well said. LG don’t have ethics and morality for doing business. Its a mistake by google by choosing this company for nexus. They think by using glass material like iphone, they will reach the quality. But its false. Now its clear by such type of international defame LG may not get contract in future from google or any other company. Shit on you LG. Even being an Asean company you are pricing it high for aseans. Shame on you

  • Kwarrior

    CY and LGSUCK are kids

    • Spoken like a true keyboard warrior!! Betcha feel proud!

  • OptimisticGuy

    I think LG has finally done something impressive with a smartphone than their previous few ones. Seems that they might have got into their groove. Ill be definitely be getting this when it comes out here.
    People who are skeptical are just people who are not open-minded about new phones or are even hardcore fanboys


      sounds like someone was paid to do that. Contrary to Apple fan boy, welcome the LG Fan Boy.

  • CY LOK

    Trolls are everywhere just ignore those ignorant ppl who bash just for no reason.

    The main problem Nexus 4 faced problem selling is because Google put the price too low in USA where the rest of the country are getting the usual price.

    Google can sell at what price they think they like, is like why Malaysia petrol is cheaper than overseas petrol.

    If LG sells the phone without margin, then why bother sell it. No margin they can give warranty and they wont even want to market the thing since they earn nothing.

    • Google sells at low or (possibly) no margin as alluded by the reference in this article using the comments on the Nexus 7 as reference. We do not know this for a fact.

      Google might’ve fluffed things up with low estimates. Afterall, Google devices don’t really sell like hot cakes globally when compared to mainstream manufacturer phones, Galaxy Nexus reportedly sold 500k units when SGS2 was selling something like 14+Million units.

      No one is expecting LG to sell at no margin. But given the large disparity, people are justified to feel taken for a ride by LG, which is why they’re complaining. Even on Phones LG sells to Google, do you think they make NO profit? Like you said, no profit why do that business, hrmm?

  • lala

    although iphone 5 is mfg at usd199, that doesnt mean the rest of the smartphone can be made at this price.

    the sheer volume, and the way apple, foxconn and samsung streamline the whole process flow made it happened.

    who can beat apple? before iphone, all handphone box are so big! now they are barely large than the phone itself. genius!

  • Sean

    Actually Google subsided the N4 to cost price or almost cost price for places which has Google play because they can make the money back through sale of apps, movies, ebook.. etc from Google play. Google is not stupid.

    Since MY doesn’t have google play, Google doesn’t have to subside as its not gonna make money. Does that make sense?

    Still as a consumer, i think the phone looks overpriced as i was hoping the price would be around 1400. The drop test is also not helping. If only the warranty is international, then can buy from elsewhere but its not.

    Deep inside I wanna get a nexus phone and experience the JB 4.2.

    Anyone using/used LG phones before? hows the service in MY?

  • maf

    US always have cheaper price compare to the rest of the world…the price on playstore cannot be benchmark for pricing

  • Ambiga

    I do agree LG sucks. And why not accepting the comment? Juz like some say BN sucks.. Some say BN good.. Why good? We shud knw why.. Anyway still the thing.. I hate LG.. No quality and standard.

  • blergh

    i believe you already made your intention clear in the first article. Making a second one to explain the first seems a little unnecessary imo.

  • Vinod

    It’s nice to see that your team is taking an effort to improve based on visitor comments. I won’t go as far as saying that this is an excellent article, but I do see that you’re going in the right direction, so keep up the good work!

  • Saran

    Nexus # is a brand name that is synonymous with Google, and Google is selling the phone at cost or minimal cost. If LG wants to sell their Nexus 4 here, then they should abide by the sale terms unless it is stipulated otherwise that they are authorized to sell at a higher price from what Google is actually selling.
    Perhaps LG Malaysia should clarify this matter ? or change the Nexus to an Optimus then.

    • Nexus 4 is practically a cousin of the LG Optimus G, which it uses a lot of its internal parts from. Why the Nexus 4 was reported to have limited LTE capabilities some weeks back is due to the fact that the Radio setup in the N4 was able to operate on a selected bandwidth used by a Canadian Operator for LTE.

      Another known major change was the sub par 13MP camera sensor in the Optimus G.

  • Afiq

    I agree with some people stating that LG ‘sucks’. But for me, LG only screwed up big time with their poor firmware updates( read: Optimus 2X) it’s a software thingy, but on hardware department, they really push themselves even up to par with other giant manufacturers.

    So, manufacturing Nexus phone really is a good step for LG, as you’ll get timely updates and impressive hardware.

  • canone

    This article is like our beloved transport minister try to defend AES or like Ibrahim Ali try to ‘help’ BN, but at the end MCA suffers

  • abu

    this is ridiculous.

  • SL

    Interesting to see LG haters and those who felt the author comment isn’t good for them spend time reading and make comment about it. If they are so superior, why not spend your time somewhere else.

    • Jeffrie

      im not read his/her review. im reading only LG fan boy’s (you) comments.

      • SL

        Just because someone give a neutral comment about what’s happening, they are being labeled fan boy… typical of shallow thinkers.

        Agree with LT… grow up and think sensibly!

  • s2000c

    market will tell whether is good deal or not.

  • Davincecode

    anyone know how much would cost for buy nexus 4 via play store?

  • TL

    this is like complaining to no end that y malaysia cars are cost much more expensive than US/overseas… stop bashing like a kid.

  • jeremy

    i would say “no” to N4. Even some said it is still a good deal, maybe he is rich guy? we are poor guy, can’t afford such high price smartphone…

  • misztx

    LG is killing themself.

    Nexus 4 for what I know is not supporting 4G LTE. Why should we fork of that price when we could get a new Samsung S3 which is clearly future proof, LTE ready?

    • Malaysian official S3 and Note2 dont have 4G LTE. SME didnt bring any Galaxy series with 4G LTE at this moment.

    • JQ

      Sorry but which telco now sell LTE enabled sets? Unless you are refering buying from spore (without contract)

  • Darius

    People consider Nexus 4 because of it good spec with low price. If the rumor price is true, I rather spend my money on other devices like Samsung or Apple.

    Not a good deal.

    • ahluke

      i agree, by the way, nexus 4 or (LG) until now still not official release it and price in Malaysia. It is very late timing. after it release and fulfill market. Sorry, SGS 4 is coming soon. i rather to wait SGS 4 or spend a bit money to get Note 2. AND Nexus 4 cannot extent memory card. This is very ass hole.

    • GJQ

      I do agree with the price they are selling is no worth consideration as you can get better deals from Samsung.

  • xin

    I wonder why these ppl trolling here.
    Can’t afford? Not satisfy the price?
    Just turn around, no ones beg you to buy too..

    • Joe

      Looked in the mirror lately?

  • Samseng

    Obviously pay more for Samsung better thn nexus.. If buy nexus.. Buying ap cheaper y wanna pay more

  • i luv lowyat

    everything that comes to bolehland is more expensive la…

    cars are like that.. N4 will also be like that..

    i dun see ppl screaming when they buy vios at 90k when it’s only … (u guys know better) outside of this land..

  • tankpaste

    Has journalism gone to such low level nowadays? The above article is full of the authors own assumption yet the original article can clearly state that ‘even at such price, the nexus 4 IS STILL a good deal’? The author again tries to emphasize on his statement when clearly it has angered most of his readers. Shouldn’t the original article be titled ‘even at rm1799, the nexus 4 MIGHT still be a good deal’? Doesn’t that makes it all good if its all based on his OPINION?


    Initially I wanted to buy this phone, thanks to Lowyat for creating so much negative auro for the phone.
    Now I prefer to get a Huawei, at least not so much Hater in Malaysia.

  • JY

    The only mistake that LG made is it set the price too low for the US market. If it had priced Nexus 4 for that particular market just like any other high-end phones, nobody would have complained.

  • I just spoke with LG Customer Services Representative over telephone regarding Nexus 4 launch in Malaysia. She indicates that our Nexus 4 will be launched in mid of January 2013. So, be patient guys.


    Hi there Pang. Kinda feel sorry that people are bashing you around since its not even your fault that the price of N4 is at 1799. What the readers feel when reading your article may or may not be valid. But by the sound of your writing it seems as if LG was smacking your balls around to make sure that the N4 is perceived in a positive light.

    While i do feel that LG has a right to sell N4 at whatever horrendous price they can think of, i do believe that they are actually (and probably intentionally) sabotaging themselves.

    N4 is a great smartphone and probably on par with an iPhone and the only difference they both have is in the apps available to the consumer. Citing lack of buying the gadget via google play store is a weakass excuse. Apple has opened its itunes to most countries. So what is excuse for Google to deprived its customer base since they are already a website that sells e-services?

    LG could have persuaded Google to open its store and allow all customers to have access to the same price. And LG should have made announcement of the deal that they had with google if they want people to know that the N4 is sold at cost price.

    As of now, most future customer are running away from LG because now customers will probably say that LG is not Life’s Good but probably Life’s Greedy.

    I really wanted to give android a chance but given the way LG handled (or lack of handling) this matter i would probably not touch it with a ten foot pole.

    Besides, Meizu MX2 looked good and felt unique so as OPPO, Huawei and Xiaomi and not as highly priced as LG’s N4.

    Choice is good and clearly the community have decided that LG N4 is not a good choice but hey, what do i know off. I’m not a sophiscated person and my needs are little.

    Oh yeah Pang, let me finish off by saying that you do not need to apologize. I know what you mean and it should have ended there and then with the article. Remember, this is the internet and we all are jerks (most of the time). ;p

    • Sean


  • nomoneynotalk

    If ones says “I wish it was priced lower” I totally get it…
    But INSISTING “they SHOULD price it lower” and citing “they selling lower in US and in play store so why not the same for us” *facepalm*.. Is very childish in a not so smart way…

    If you can’t afford… Get something you CAN afford… work overtime or nightjob to afford your expensive toys… NoMoneyNoTalk

    • joe

      you sure talk alot for someone with that chosen nick

  • NoLG

    Stupid LG

  • Kesper

    Wow wow… chill the eff out, people. Why all the angry and hate comments? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple? Yes.

    And no, I have not been paid by either LG or LYN for this. Though I must say I wish they do pay me.

  • Nexus name + above hardware spec, I would love to try. We cannot deny the temptation, even its from LG.

    I would love to review it professionally, LG you can contact me from my siggy. Hehehe..

    I’m not LG hater, I’m LG WashingMachine user. 🙂

  • NexusFan

    Apple iPhone 5 sold in Apple US online Store
    = usd649 = rm1989.50

    Sold in Malaysia at rm2199

    Rm2199 – rm1989.5 = Rm209.50

    rumoured price vs us play store (1799 – 1069.7)
    = rm729.30

    Does Apple suddenly enjoyed low tax or something ?

    • N4User

      The Nexus 4 price is low because Google subsidizes it and plans to make money from the Play Store (like what it did with Nexus 7). Whereas, the RRP of Nexus 4 is actually 499USD.

  • Whoa

    Whooaaaaaaa a lotta drama queens in this comment section.. :-O
    Calm down it’s just a phone. Price too high don’t buy it, hello………………..? -_-

  • Me stupid

    hahah another joke …..
    Nexus 199 at cost prices ?
    Comparing phone base on higher prices and spec but forget about after sale service ?
    very smart …. no wonder most of them stay in forum then here ..

  • i hate objective-c

    make it lower with br1m and rebate or wait until after election

  • jonker

    nexus sucks