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Even at RM1799, the Nexus 4 is Still a Good Deal

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  • Drew

    Seeing that Google is a an internet entity, I don’t see why their business can’t extent to other countries =/ I’d love to spend on their ebooks and the other range from Google Play.

    • arch

      maybe because of distribution right and license of those books, mags and music owned by local companies.

  • Ong KL


  • redwhite

    do they come in white?

  • Bob

    Is this a LG advertorial?

    • Jackson

      Looks like it. Top up RM400 for a baseline iPhone5!

      • ping pong

        why top up if this is better than iphone

      • pyrozyro

        yeah – Why topup ? this is way better then the Iphone

      • MSR

        iPhone 5? you meant i should downgrade from GNexus 4.6 inches display to only 4 inches display? downgrade from 1280×720 to only 1136×640? downgrade from world’s most advanced phone OS Android 4.2 to iOS 6? downgrade from PhotoSphere to the ‘only recently’ Panorama only? n yet pay more for it?

        Hell, no thanks. i have brains, fortunately.

    • Hey Bob,

      Thank you for your comment! The article in question is not an advertorial as all advertorials will be prefaced with a sentence saying it is one. Thanks for your support!

      • As the sayin goes, is it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, smells like a duck… it must be a duck?

        Seems like a pro LG piece (poor one at that) based on the above rationale.

    • Shahril

      LG trying to bullshit its way to let ppl think that rm1799 is a good deal?

      Google price USD399 = RM1050

      Must be a duck

  • Zamri

    “And we all know that the Nexus 4′s glass back cracks easily.”. – Dare to buy it?

  • Wow! Really? You start of a paragraph with ‘a flagship smartphone with top-of-the-range specs’ and you end it with ‘the Nexus 4′s glass back cracks easily’. So which is which? The specs is worth the markup LG is handing us but the phone is a bit fragile?

  • esd

    If it is based on Nexus 7 retail price of RM999 ($249), Nexus 4 should be retailed at RM1400 only.

    • Shinky

      Agreed on this. It would still priced nicely. RM1,899 can get phones.

  • NekoMaO

    It is highly possible that after lowyat has leaked the news regarding about LG Malaysia Price tag being RM1799, LG Malaysia has sent a complaint email to lowyat.net regarding about this issue, and requesting for an explaination, which you can see author writing this article in quite an “fed-up expression”

    So this RM1799 rumor is true after all, because of lowyat posting an explaination about this, due to the fact that LG Malaysia demanding an explain for the leak.

    • Hey there!

      Thanks for your comment. I can confirm that no such complaint has come from LG and even if there was one, we wouldn’t go so far out of the way for an explanation! =)

  • Edy

    For RM 1799, its a total rip-off, im sure people wont mind paying just a little bit extra of rm 200-300 just to get the Samsung Galaxy Note II phone which is by far a greater phone that this Nexus 4. Sorry LG, you are just TOO over confident.

  • ab

    1400 definitely will get it, if not goodbye LG, hello Samsung !

  • jeremy

    So you are coming from Google or LG, how do you know what they model business or profit they earn? or you have news from insider?

    So they say, we sell at cost price. so we must fully trust it? where got no profit business 1? don’t lie to people!! Google & LG is not “charity organisation”!!

  • Mike

    I am sure LG is already making profit selling to Google at $349. Why put such a high markup (>60%) selling to users here. They should go and convince Google to provide subsidy for selling to end customers. After all it still fit in their model of “buy in to the ecosystem”
    Bottom line is LG as well as ASUS are treating the “ignorant” consumers unfairly.
    I will go with the iPhone 5 anytime for price vs performance.

    • Sure, go worship at the Church of Apple you fanboy you. iPhones are decent things for what they are. People choose to go Android coz they want/can and not particularly interested in paying ludicrous amounts of profit for a close ecosystem where everything’s on lock down and you need to Jailbreak it to get the most out of it.


      • Amz

        So what’s your current Android device Gene? Why does Android users keep on changing their devices every quarter? I wonder why does a superior user with such superior devices keep on changing their Android devices? Who’s spending more now?

  • mosar

    at that price…might as well buy a S2 or Note2…what advantage the Nexus4 has against other if not for the price?

  • Vex

    The only relevant point I get from this article is that the Nexus is a good deal at RM1799 because it is a good deal at RM 1799 (last paragraph). So yeah best of luck next time LG.

    Even if LG had to sell it at a profit, it could’ve taken a lower cut of the profit, seeing as how we all know what the price at cost is (ie $349). So really in my opinion this is just a matter of a fledgling company being probably a bit too greedy than what they should be.

    However I would concur that the Nexus 4 is still a stellar phone. It’s just a shame that a combination of poor strategic choices (limiting the storage to 16GB so it would seem less appealing than the Optimus G), poor marketing and plain greediness. It’s one thing to make profit in the course of a business and it’s another thing to be greedy.

  • Xeoni

    I’ll would rather buy Galaxy Nexus rather than Nexus 4 or top-up another 400 for Note II. Maybe getting Nexus 4 next year after price cut down or maybe not.

  • anon

    1799 + easily cracked glass back = hello samsung/apple

  • Vinod

    This tops a long line of poorly written articles by LYN as of late. What happened to the solid tech news that we used to receive? Please put more effort into taking a stand. If you’re going to weigh the pros and cons, at least settle on one side of the fence afterwards. We read your articles for your insight and professional opinion, not just for facts that we can source ourselves at other tech blogs.

    • Hi Vinod,

      Thanks for your comment and apologies that you feel that way. I let this article pass because I felt it was a good point that many missed about the Nexus 4, that it was still a viable option to many. Pang has spoken quite fairly and delivered a conclusion that is not wishy washy in the least. Perhaps you could offer some advice and pointers on how we could improve for the future =)

      Thanks for your support!

      • Cyclonechuah

        i believe there’s nothing wrong with this article.

        But i do think this is kinda unrelated to what Lowyat used to do, releasing tech news, sharing informations. But not explaining Nexus 4 is still a good deal on behalf of LG Company.

        All on all, this article does not feel like Lowyat.net used to be.(just my personal feeling)

      • Honestly Lucas, I beg to differ. The author goes in a circle without really justifying himself or his points well.

        And contradicts himself with the “hey, we all know the screen breaks easily bit” as well.

        You’re welcome to disagree on my article/response on LG’s overpricing of the Nexus 4 here at http://www.droidsage.com/rants/nexus-4-overpricing/

  • basyer

    RM1799 minus RM200 1Malaysia smartphone voucher = RM1599 still acceptable for me with that 2 years warranty.. im so gonna buy this monster next year.. oh wait.. 2 more weeks..haha

  • Lax

    Google selling nexus 4 at cost in US. U think LG don’t make any profit for nexus 4 sold in US? C’mon don’t kid us…

  • extremo

    Currently using Samsung Galaxy Nexus with latest Jellybean 4.2.1, will wait for Nexus 4 price drop within 4-6 months to get it, if no price drop bye2 LG

  • You gotta be kidding right? I’d rather get the One X+ if I had to pay that much for the N4!!

    ASUS got hit with the same issue on their N7..Its your turn next LG!

  • saeid

    Say what you will about apple,But They have Something that i really respect. Uniformity and Product value. Samsung ,LG, Asus, have all disappointed me, Sony will probly be next, who knows. when you buy an apple product, u get quality, style ,resell value, Yes there is a downside, but at least i walk into any apple store in the world an can pick any of their products for similar price, forgiving maybe a sale event and the exchange rate. Would have welcomed this LG phone if the price was fair. be it 1799 or 1199. if it was that price for EVERY ONE. Now that i know i have to pay 500 RM more than others! LG …and Goolge YOU CAN SMD Together!

  • toyuq

    lembush*t… better off with samsung S3

  • Joe

    don’t think its a good deal when we already knew that us is selling 349. wrong move, LG Malaysia

    lets say if game console is selling 349 in us, and 599 in malaysia, will you still buy it? we are not talking about comparison of the mobile phone here. its just about price afterall.

  • faruq

    definitely no. with limited supply, long waiting and all that crap, better off with current model such as samsung. if i desperately want that all that JB functions, custom ROM/ cynogenmod will be much more worth.

  • cloudwan

    With a price like that, might as well i get a Samsung Galaxy SIII, i know its not the top performing dog right now comparing with the Nexus 4 but atleast it has more features that can justify the price.. deng LG, u just broke my dream of getting one, well then, back to bottom feeding lot for you LG, there’s a reason why Samsung is currently on top and your still somewhere down at the bottom there in the number of devices sold.. go figure..

  • canone

    I think the author needs to learn this, not only you need to be objective, but seen to be objective as well. It is obvious that the article is not seen to be objective at all. The other piece of advice is that don’t defend the indefensible as it will make you look stupid. Take a lesson from AES fiasco and move on.

  • Danny

    Does it mean that if i buy locally at RM1799 and if I drop the phone and the screen/back cover crack it will be covered under warranty?

    From this statement i guess “And we all know that the Nexus 4′s glass back cracks easily.”

    As far as i know the iphone4/s also cracked easily, the GS3 and Note2 also does not withstand drops. And as we all know Apple nor Samsung, 2 of the biggest mobile player will honor their warranty for cracked case. Are you really sure that LG will honor the warranty for cracked glass??

    • Cn

      Exactly what i was thinking. The article seems to be implying that a cracked glass will be warrantied by LG.


  • stormlcc

    for u guys who whines so much about the jacked up price, pls feel free to keep it to yourselves. if u don’t want to pay extra for it, u can opt to buy it via vpn to US play store and ship it over here, or just go buy something else (note 2? S3? touchpiss?) and regret it later when the manufacturer ‘forgets’ your expensive ‘flagship’ phone. or just buy the iphone 5. personally, this price with a 2 year warranty is a good deal, i’ll gladly pay the extra 500 bucks just for another year of local warranty. and fyi, i’ve already booked it.

    • Right, and hope we survive today’s Apocalypse.. I mean the Mayans seemed so sure it was today!

  • say, how much difference past Nexus price between local, that is Malaysia, and Play Store pricing? We should judge and made decision using that. Just my 2 cents…I myself can’t recall past Nexus pricing. If LYN team could pull a comparison chart, that would help many of us to decide.


      Nexus 4 USA price = USd349 = RM1067.76
      Nexus 4 Malaysia price = RM1799.

      go figure.

      • then buy at US Google Play Store

  • This is indeed a storm in a teacup !
    Customers can choose to buy this phone or not.

    Whether LG Malaysia succeeds or not depends on Malaysian customer support, ie final sales figures

    Lets all wait & see. For me its the S3

  • lala

    LG is below samsung, they failed big after their chocolate series.

    even if they paired up with google, but in my opinion, no, nexus LG in msia is still no match for samsung msia.

    seriously, in a 2 years lifespan of a mobile phone, how many updates can they come out? 1? 2? 3? 4?

    1-2 rollout, i dont mind if its a little slower( since its not google, but decided by samsung).

    3-4 rollout? the phone suck so much they need to upgrade software every 6 months? i dont think so 🙂

    rather go S3 or Note 2.

  • pop

    ahh….it just retailer here in malaysia too much greed.

    wonder why nexus 7 pricing not much different than overseas but yet nexus 4 different so much.

    All about greed.

  • dumdeedoo

    seriously, i don’t really give 2 tahi lalat about the phone. just clicked cos there’s a lot of comments.

    but after reading the comments, I learnt 3 things: –

    1) everyone hates LG cos the phone mentioned is not competitive in terms of price (comparing of course to other countries)
    2) people rather pay extra money to samsung even if the specs are almost the same (i think. this is unjustified cos someone claimed it is and i didn’t even bother reading the article har har).
    3) almost everyone can suddenly become a good editor.


      a bit of rebuttal

      1) True. And the price is around 70% more compared to USA.
      2) most of the phone in the 1799 and 1899 merits the price compared to N4. Why? the tech is a bit outdated + no 4g + no expansion card. The only upside of N4 is that its vanilla android without the skinning and the update is taken care of by google instead of the manufacturing company.
      3) what everyone is saying is that the article seems laced with sugar to justify the price of 1799 when we all knew it was not.

      please read the article. sometimes taking comment without reading the article will make u deduce something wrong.

  • afj

    Dear Mr Pang,
    In the festive spirits of a Mayan Apocalypse, we offer you a rebuttal :-

  • Samsung got its domination throne since its first Nexus debut. So did HTC. But LG, dude, you are new in this Nexus game. You can’t buy fanboys like us this way. Just because your Google counterpart made a hit, doesn’t mean your own version will be lucky too. Wrong move, LG. Seriously, wrong move!

    What despise me even further is when writers like these announce it like its an Xmas gift from LG. This is going to be an apocalypse! Its 21st anyway!

  • I guess the LG version might have some gold flakes in the rear glass cover to it sparkles brighter than the Google Play (cheapo) version. ;p

  • yo

    what an ass….

  • sc

    where is authorise service center in malaysia?

  • Jeffrie

    i think, this is what they call “mencapub” = “mencari publicity”. may be the price will be much more cheaper. just my 3 cent. rumour is still rumour.

  • LG.Lick.My.Nuts

    even if theres hope that the onboard LTE chip can be activated, i would rather get a <5.3inch (kimchi much *wink wink*).

    Not saying anything else cept **** off to all jou resellers and profiteering corporate entities.

    They "beta test" while
    WE PAY FULL ? so the 8gb will be 1500+ no doubt, and telco's here will let you save 6000 dollars if you subscribe twelve years so you can save 5000 dollars which includes the 8000 dollars premium you already paid for.

  • LG.Lick.My.Nuts

    even if theres hope that the onboard LTE chip can be activated, i would rather get a <5.3inch (kimchi much *wink wink*).

    Not saying anything else cept foff to all jou resellers and profiteering corporate entities.

    They "beta test" while
    WE PAY FULL ? so the 8gb will be 1500+ no doubt, and telco's here will let you save 6000 dollars if you subscribe twelve years so you can save 5000 dollars which includes the 8000 dollars premium you already paid for.


    this is a advertorial..nuff said!

  • techmaestro

    This is a poorly written article, if I have to say so myself. I would like to have a lengthy reply, but instead I will keep it short instead.

    Firstly, use some logic. If LG or Samsung or ASUS were not to profit from selling their Nexus lineups from Google play store, they would not have signed up in the first place.

    I almost fell of my chair laughing when the author mentioned the Nexus 4 as a “flagship” smartphone. Your credibility questioned, any tech geek who have done enough research would know that Google have never intended their Nexus lineups as flagship devices. The reason is that it would tamper the sales of the real flagship smartphones that the manufacturers offer. Remember how people criticized the Galaxy Nexus for having a 5 MP shooter? As was Galaxy Nexus to the Galaxy S3, it is a similar situation with the Nexus 4 compared to the LG Optimus G. Lack of LTE, no micro SD expansion, 8 MP camera instead of 13 MP, etc.

    The fact is Nexus 4 is still an awesome device but flagship smartphone it is NOT. The real charm is its pure Android OS, devoid of manufacturers personalized UI. Not to mention it is sleek and good looking. And the MAIN reason why people wants it badly despite all the flaws I mentioned is because of the PRICE Google has offered. $299 (RM900) for 8GB, $349 (RM1100) for 16GB.

    If you use logic of the pricing that our local dealers set for 16GB Nexus 7 at RM899 as compared to its supposed price $199 (RM600+), we might deduce that the pricing for Nexus 4 should not be exceeding RM1400 or RM1500 at the most (RM200-300 profit for LG Malaysia). At that price it would be reasonable to own the Nexus 4. RM1799 does not justify the price tag.

    So the author mentioned that elsewhere the price is much, much higher but then again, it is the classic case of supply can’t keep up with demand. Do more reading from the web and you will find that there is a HUGE demand for Nexus 4 worldwide such that there is not enough stock from LG. Hence, retailers took advantage of the holiday season to jack up the prices, knowing that some people (rich ones) will still buy them as Christmas gifts.

    By increasing the price, it will defeat the purpose of buying a Nexus device in the first place – VALUE FOR MONEY. It is this appeal that was made intentionally by Google so that more people can own a Nexus device. If it costs RM1799 in Malaysia, it is no longer value for money. It is simply overpriced. No beating around the bushes. And smart consumers KNOW that. RM1799 and above pricing is within the territory of TRUE flagship smartphones – HTC One X+ and DROID DNA, Galaxy S3 and Note 2, and not to mention iPhone 5 (for Apple fanboys).

    I would like to write more, but I hope I get this message through. So think again, can consumers really get their money’s worth?

  • bombastic

    this really sucks. i was hoping for a better deal. f*** lg

  • Mcwong

    I bought one from sunway pyramid digi contract free at rm 1499. Only 4 unit remaining when I left. Based on USD 349 it’s should be rm 1,200 at 3.5 exchange so its about 300 profit for lg. It’s an awesome phone compared to my S2. Enough of Samsung with all the kies problems! The s2 was unusable when I first had it. Daily freezing and hanging. Only after 6 months it stabilized after upgrade to ICS. It freezes 3 to 5 times daily during calls, camera use, calls, in the pouch in sleep mode. After upgrade it can’t connect to kies unless the sim card is removed. Waiting for jelly bean is taking a long time.

  • Mcwong

    I got one of the last 5 units from digi at sunway pyramid at zero contract price if rm 1499. Awesome compared to my S2 purchased at 1800+. At USD 349 it’s 1200+ exrate 3.5. So an additional 300 profit for lg is reasonable. Android updates is instant rather than wait 6 months for a watered down version from Sammy.

  • Joe

    I notice there are a wireless charger for the Nexus 4 at Igadget2u Facebook page. Quite a cool gadget.

  • NEXUS4 vs iPhone5

    Hmm… done a lot of research on this phone and i would actually buy it. looked at a lot of reviews. Just thinking that iPhone5 would be a tad too expensive.

  • google should’ve prioritised the low priced nexus selling on countries with weak currency… and jacked up the price on rich countries..

    would’ve been a lot wiser and it’d also encourage people to use android globally..

  • spiderbox

    John, while I agree with you that lower device price might encourage more people to use android globally.

    But you don’t understand the market now. Nexus 4 is being subsidised by Google USA is so that they can attack those markets that iPhone is stronger. Google wants android to grow in iPhone dominated US market. Over at the USA, iPhone sales are very much higher than android. Where unlike in Malaysia where even subsidised contract bound flagship phones still cost more than RM1k, US contract-bound phones are ridiculously cheap, due to high monthly payment and sim locked phones. Over there you can get a iPhone 5 for just Usd $100 upfront, or $0 if you trade in your old phone.

    You may ask, “But why not attack iPhone market globally using the same method?” That’s because over at the US the Google play store not only sells apps, but also Music, ebooks and movies. Google knows they can rely on those to make profit. Over here and the rest of the world, google don’t have services like Google music and so on. Thus they can’t make the money back after their subsidy.

    On top of that, Android is already very dominant in countries that have lower incomes. Markets where iPhone is having a hard time selling due to it’s high price. That’s why Google Inc, don’t subsidise Nexus 4 every where. For those places consumers can get generic android phones at cheaper price. (look up on china brands)

    BTW, if you do a search on Malaysian online shopping portals, you can easily find Nexus 4 16gb at RM1299 to RM1499, which is still a bargain compared to newer phones like the coming S4, HTC one or the Sony xperia Z.