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Samsung Officially Unveils The Galaxy Grand Android Smartphone

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  • James

    What’s so grand? spec worst than S3 with a bigger screen .,… boo booo ….


    the grand is refering to grandma and grandpa’s toys is it? larger screen with low resolution… should be… =P

    • James

      Agree with you bro … nicely put~!

  • lipanz

    too much galaxy samsung..too much.

  • kapten

    small reso with big screen n dual core = Grand ? hehe

  • if the price is right, ok what.

  • spootid

    Come to think of it… if Samsung Malaysia brings in the dual sim version here, would be a good idea. Very hard to find good spec dual sim phone here…

  • Eu Gene

    Definitely this is not a flagship product.

    Of course its not a “GRAND” product, its just the name 🙂

    This phone is suppose to be sub-par when compared to SIII or Note II. Should be around RM800-RM1200 … its for people who can’t afford or doesn’t want to spend too much for “overpriced” smartphones now days..

  • Aku

    for competing with china 5.5″ S7100 smartphone currently on market priced RM680-RM750.. If Galaxy Grand priced around RM800 then.. i will buy 1.. at least much2 better than CSL Mercury MI501..

  • Tonker

    Just got my hands on one of these yesteday.
    Retails at RM1299. The package comes with a free S-Pen.
    Got it due to dual sim capability. Getting bored medling with 2 phones all the times. I’ve tried several China phone with dual sims but most failed my expectation though its cheap. While most mainstream brand still used small lcd for their dual sim phones.
    The screen… some say low res no good and so on, but when compared with Note 2, actually the Grand screen is brighter and more vivid. Note 2, yes, higher resolution but still looks gloomy even brightness set to maximum. Try it yourself. I was shocked. And when compare with china phone, its night and day. I thought this Grand screen will look similar to cheap china phone but i was wrong.
    Dual sim support is excellent. Both sim can call and received call and sms. There’s option which sim to use before call or sending sms. Data transfer is fast including loading web pages.
    Though dual core, the operation of this phone is seamless and lag free. Might be due to the less pixel to handle.
    For me its the best phone per price, got a lot value added feature, equipped with jelly bean, S-Pen, all the bells and whistle. Try it yourself.

  • shah

    Tonker, I support U 100%. I have that phone already, better than Note II even the resolution lower than Note II. Very excellent on Duos, can set which line as a default ‘data’ ..can received both call/sms without changing default line. The best ever dual sim active nowdays for big screen

  • radzee

    Tq very much tonker n shah…now i m confident to get it….i have been tired of handling my s3 n tab 2…despite all the bad reviews from those who never used it…i rather take users view into consideration….again…thanks very much!!

  • delinoleum

    May i know where i can get it, with S-pen included.? Seems only certain shops offer that package…

  • ayu

    how much dis fon ?