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Update: The (Almost) Complete iPhone 5 Telco Price Comparison

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  • Christopher

    Celcom monthly rebate is actually calculated into Advanced payment (payment upon Registration), thus your calculation for Celcom plan isn’t accurate.

  • Vince

    hmmm…well…that’s one interesting plan from celcom….LYNians, wat do you all think?

  • Christopher, But advanced bill payment, according to Celcom, “Advance bill payment will be credited to the first bill”, so I supposed the rebates isn’t related to the advanced payment?

  • dichoz

    abit confusing for celcom.. but iam sticking with celcom again lol… nice bundling the call/sms..

  • frankie

    you’ve deducted rebate twice in the celcom plan.

    eg. prime advance 24mths 32gb.
    [(98*24)-480] monthly – rebate
    2088 discounted device price.
    total ownership over 24mths 1872+2088 = 3960

  • k2l

    are you sure that celcom calculation is correct?????? is even cheaper than digi and it doesnt make sense.

  • Alright, finally got it. Thanks for the head’s up guys! Working on the changes…NOW!

  • Sid

    celcom’s plan is too good to be true,i recheck the total savings, discounts, rebates, it is still the most worth it plan of all. i even verified with my fellow officemates of the monthly commitment. rebate is rebate, advance bill is advance bill. advance bill payment will be deducted every month on the bill based on our usage. exact dollar of usage if u dont exceed the monthly allocation is still the most worth it plan of all. after i was confident of it, only then i placed my preorder yday. btw guys, u can still preorder at celcomcube capsquare, walk in and book. RM200.this afternoon i checked they still have the stock.

  • alan

    why the celcom Madvance monthly payment is 73-79? the fix package should be minimum 98 right? the rebate is just for the first 10months.

  • fakhrie

    So have you made the correction to the calculations? Is celcom still give the lowest ownership price?
    Whatever it is, thanks so much for putting the comprehensive tabulation. It really help us all to decide.

  • one23

    so,which one is the best?celcom aite?for rm100 commitment?

  • sunlim

    Where can I get iPhone 5 without any plan?

    • fadzlie

      you can get it without contract with celcom. just purchase a prepaid card (or use yr prepaid account if you already have one), and pay the RRP for the phone eg RM2199 for 16GB

  • jackson

    You missed out Maxis gives
    Extras additional
    Local Calls (Maxis to Maxis) – 1000 mins each ivalue plan &
    Local SMS (Maxis to Maxis) – 800 SMS (i value 1 ) 600 SMS ((ivalue 2 ) 400 SMS ( (i value 3 ) 200 SMS ((i value 4 )

  • patricia

    Maxis have the latest+lowest plan which is iValueSimple which you may add into your comparison as well

  • gerald

    There is iValue 50 missing from the comparison.

  • basyeerf

    Sorry, can you explain more on the free data call, sms, and mms for celcom as the input there is without minutes/no.of sms/no.of mms. Does that mean for example: celcom prime= 267mins,267 sms and 267 mms? Thanks

  • Fakhrie

    Just got my iPhone 5 from Celcom at 00.00 hour on 14 Dec, they have the lowest price for 4GB data. Just walk-in at Blue Cube Capsquare, KL.

  • Rashid

    The previous plan 4s and bb is better . With 0.10 sen for all network . Sms 0.10 sen and got free minut , data 5 GB and monthly rm 148 !!!! Just buy phone and used it. Huhuhu

  • nickgt

    iphone 5 battery can last how long let

  • Lancefire

    I thought Maxis stopped charging for exceeded data usage and instead throttle speed since 3rd Dec 2012.

    • majinity

      Are you sure that “No extra charges when exceed quota” applied to iValue plans as well? From my understanding it only applies to Mobile Internet users only? http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/mobile/browse_search/index.asp

    • majinity

      I thought it only applies to Mobile Internet users only? Does this apply to iValue as well?

  • Lancefire, Yup you’re right, there will be no extra charges. Thanks for notifying!

  • Nhh

    Which one is better, iphone5 with contract or unlocked? Any pro and cons 4 both? Where i can get unlocked ipone 5? Tq 4 info

  • shana

    i just visited celcom blue cube today and the salesperson told me that there’s rm150 upfront payment, and there’s no more m230 rebate over 10 months (which means the monthly commitment would be rm98 innstead of the rm73-79 for the celcom prime plan 16g after monthly rebate), is that the true case?

  • Nhh

    Which one is better, ip5 with contract or not( outright)? Any pro and cons 4 both? Tq 4 info

  • ashkoy

    this is confusing. for me, just get from which telco that you like.
    but still, can anyone suggest which one is offering the best deal?

  • oscarcomp
  • oscarcomp

    idigi 88 – 2GB Data
    idigi 138 – 5GB Data
    idigi 238 – 7GB Data

  • Steven

    Woah. That’s ALOT to crunch through, especially when all telcos have so many brochures and hidden T&Cs. Not in the market for an iPhone, but good job! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • Gina

    Hi, im a Digi user and want to upgrade my IPhone 3S to the Iphone 5. Can’t decide which plan to take up. But my Digi line hasn’t been very good lately. Alot of call drops recently. Anyone experiecing this?
    Thanks for all the info but i have yet to decide.

  • yazix

    just to mention here that i post my comment by using my PSP and it feel shiT