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12 Reasons Getting an Ultrabook is Better than Getting a Tablet/Notebook Hybrid

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  • It’s more of a personal opinion, and I say your opinion is contrary to mine. I skipped some text until I read “There’s a Smartphone for a Reason”, almost make me stop reading there. It’s like saying tablet sucks because smartphone is so much better. But to me, smartphones today continue to sucked until they start having a built-in keyboard/keypad. I rather have Nokia Asha 303 with a hybrid tablet.

    1. Price is not an issue, every new technology is bound to be expensive.

    2. Nor does the power. Razer is developing the Fiona prototype for years. And like smartphones, it’s just gonna get better.

    3. There is a physical keyboard for Microsoft Surface. Yes, it’s Windows RT, but we all know the Surface Pro is coming real soon.

    4. It’s a hybrid, why do you care about the screen size, just get used to it! 13 inch might be too big for a laptop but there’s always a smaller screen hybrid like Microsoft Surface.

    5. The tenth point is not a point.

    6. “no one likes anyone who snaps photos using tablets.” Not until you try Microsoft Surface.
    “you can use the Microsoft Office app to create, edit and save documents and spreadsheets on the go.” And what was that comfort and productivity you were talked about?
    “with smartphone displays getting larger and larger by the minute, it really can replace a PC for many tasks.” I would like to see a 7-inch smartphone, with physical keyboard.

    7. Ultrabook with touchscreen? How about detachable keyboard? Hello, weight and comfort there.

    As much as this is an opinion piece it’s a poorly written one at that.

    • loonie

      To add to PeterTechGuy’s comments by points.

      3) Power – This is really a non-issue, do notice that some tablets have Intel Core i5 in them and it’s as fast as an ultrabook. If power is the thing that you are looking for then I have only 1 thing to say, your notebook (not ultrabook) is in another castle.

      I agree that this is a piece of badly written article with utter bias to ultrabooks (like an Apple fan doing review on a Windows tablet).

  • ashkot

    “while the lowest-end Ultrabook can cost as low as RM1599”

    May I know what is the brand? Thank you

    • Hi ashkot,

      There is a thread on our forums which updates laptop pricelists regularly, and are pretty accurate. The RM1599 Ultrabook I mentioned is a Dell Inspiron 14z, but runs on Ubuntu. On the other hand, there is an even cheaper Ultrabook, the Lenovo S300, but that runs on an older processor architecture.

      Here’s the user-updated price list:

      Have fun!

    • -bg-

      An ultrabook at that price will NOT include an SSD and will probably use the slowest ultrabook qualified CPU with no touchscreen, which means you’re basically getting an overpriced low end laptop.

  • Nic

    Yeah, I also wish to know which lowest end of ultrabook cost RM1599. Can you please reveal the brand and model. Thank you

    • girlsgeneration

      Asus VivoBook Touch UltraBook

  • kenie

    a very biased view of written article

  • joecole

    actually there is a 7 inch smartphone = samsung galaxy tab 2 7 inch 3g

  • Matrix

    I agree with most of points, current hybrid is simply too expensive, Windows 8 is a mutant who can’t decide what it wants to be. This is why WIndows 8 sales have been very dissapointing so far because people just don’t see why they want to destroy both their desktop and tablet experience with a badly rojak OS and defective hybrid.

    Wonder why Apple never try to combine their iOS and MACOSX??? There is a very good reason to it. And i am not even an Apple fan.

    • Hybrids expensive? Acer Iconia Tab W510 is RM 2,199.

      I have both the W510 and the Asus Vivobook and guess which one I bring out more often. 😀

      They’re totally different devices but since we’re talking about Hybrid vs Notebook 🙂 It’s a good time to share.

      The W510 has IPS screen, color is reproduction is better. Furthermore I can use it as a Notebook, and flip it over as a Tablet with a stand. I could un-dock it too if need.

      Anyway bear in mind that this article is as per what it is titled. 🙂 Those who say this article is biased, you should understand also that one could still come up with an article on why Hybrid is a better choice.

      It really depends on individual. I personally like Hybrids more than Notebooks.

      I’d also like to point out that the article stated

      “while the lower-end ones running on Windows RT cost considerably less, at around RM2000-2600. However, Windows RT has plenty of limitations, preventing users from the full Windows 8 experience.”

      This is not true. Many of these hybrid models are using Intel processors, thus they will not be using RT which is for ARM processors.

  • Hunter

    Good article. From what i see, what the writer is expressing is the CURRENT situation on hybrid tablets. Its a no brainer that future hybrids will be far better than what we can have now.. but we live in the NOW.. and not the FUTURE.. yet. So, he has presented valid arguments IMHO.

    He is delving on what are the current issues plaguing the hybrid tablets market compared to the already mobile ultrabooks which can costs less and provide better options and long term productivity pluses in certain cases.

  • gasdasd

    yes, ultrabook is better. i dun understand why do you need to touch your laptop.

    touch= screen very near
    mouse and keyboard = screen at least 2 feet away.

    ultrabook looks sexy too. get a normal ultra book/macbook air and ipad sounds better.

    • Did you know touch screen makes it more efficient?

      I’m sure you have used the touchpad to move cursor from one end to the other end just to click on a link.

      With touchscreen – raise hand, tap. 🙂 Settled. You’ll love it once you experience it. Scrolling web pages are great too.

  • Ahmad

    wait until windows surface pro arrived.. it will completely changed your mind and the article that u wrote.

  • If that RM 1,599 Asus Vivobook is what you call an Ultrabook then it will have points 3 (power) and 9 (screen size) against it. 🙂 Trust me, I’m using it right now. It’s not a power-house and the screen

    Here’s the thing – Asus only calls the S400 an Ultrabook but not the S200 which is the RM 1,599 variant http://www.asus.com/vivo/en/vivoBook.htm

    Is there a reason behind this? From what I see, the S200 is an 11.6″ Notebook and in order to meet Ultrabook specification, the maximum height is 18mm in which the S200 does not meet. The S200 is more than 20mm.

    On the other hand, the S400 is a 14″ screen notebook with 21mm height – which so happen to be the maximum allowed height for anything 14″ or larger.

    • GundamZhen

      Bro how’s the vivobook ? i’m thinking of getting one real soon. TQ

  • wanakev2

    not agree with your article. ultrabook is heavier and larger. less mobility compare to tablet@hybrid.

  • studiochi

    The writer is taking a tablet as a replacement for a notebook. He is biased in that sense. That should not be the way.
    – A tablet is a complement, not a replacement for a laptop
    – A tablet is for when you want to leave the desk yet have pretty much all you need to do the core of what you need, notably checking the net, notes, email, and for most people, Ms Office.
    – Power should not be an issue, as you dont expect to edit a video or do photoshop while on the run.
    – W510 is only 500+grams.. which ultrabook can beat that?
    – Battery life tops at 9hours… instant on and off, most ultrabooks cant do that.
    – W510 is only RM1600 for the tablet. How is that expensive? An ipad costs the same, but cant do ms office nor run windows specific programs essential to a slightly more tech oriented person.

  • ethanpoh

    Good Article..I wld prefer to have an ultrabook for my work, esp with physical k/board and graphics performance. Btw, is there any SSD Ultrabook with dedicated graphics and i7 Ivy Bridge?

    • mpyw

      I have a Dell Inspiron 14z with 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD running i7 with 8GB RAM with dedicated graphic

  • grumpyOld

    currently using old dekstop for works and leisure purpose but planning to join the hybrid+touchscreen bandwagon. any idea on which hybrid+touchscreen that can correctly interpret doubleclick as a doubleclick n not zoom-in?

  • mosar

    what a rubbish piece of writing..totally missing the point..its a single device running full OS..tell me is it a good idea to carry multiple device when travelling…no?

  • C-Fu

    kecoh la dei. Kejap cakap tablet sucks because future ultrabooks are gonna be better (duh). kejap cakap tablet has no power (duh).

    1. you want power? go desktop ler.
    2. I can run 12 hours of movies on my asus transformer tf101. On a plane. On a single charge. The keyboard is awesome, acts as a stand as well. Ultrabooks can do that? yeah right. And this is before ultrabooks existed.
    3. Open the transformer, run sygic, GPS all the way during travel, roadtrips, etc. Ultrabooks can do that?
    4. Ultrabooks has sim built-in?
    5. Compare ultrabooks with a tablet+keyboard combo like transformer ok la, baru valid at least. Windows programs are windows programs. Any programs optimised for Win8/touch? riiight. Not even the OS itself is fully build for touch.

    I can go on and on, but hybrids are hybrids. Nobody is claiming hybrids being the best of everything anymore in 2012. There are so many wonderful application for hybrids that it’s not even funny. If all you want are notebook/laptop/writing/power then why are you buying a hybrid tablet+keyboard in the first place?

    Kecoh la dei.

  • harvey darvey

    I do somewhat agree with the author. I’m more of a “content-creator” person, I prefer ultrabooks better than tablet / hybrid for personal reasons as I sometimes do programming on it.

    I only use my tablet to read articles, watch youtube, play games, so that means I’m really only using my tablet for “content-consumption”. I find typing in the tablet really unsatisfying and unproductive.

    So in summary, this is a opinion article and not all may agree on it. But just for the record I think it’s well within my agree zone.

  • Lynd

    Its better to get a android tablet and windows 8 ultrabook. Their useful for different things.