DiGi Unveils iPhone 5 Phone Bundle, Full Details with Calculation Within

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  • Vince

    DiGi , you’re gonna loose your exst customers if you don’t improve your network quality soon….even if your plans are cheaper than other telcos….

    you must be joking with all the drop calls in the city centre, increase your capacity, planners or change your vendor….

  • yc

    Agree with Vince..
    DiGi network quality is poor, even in city centre.. That’s terrible..

    But I see improvements, they’re improving.
    Keep up the good works.

    Maxis got their all hidden/over/extra/come-from-no-where charges problem also.

  • aston

    I like digi, but he network quality really no so good. pls improve. I wouldn’t choose maxis bcos price too expensive…….

  • mmusic08

    maxis cheapest so far 1399 for 16gb

  • Lamusiqa

    Called up Digi and the customer rep confirmed that their set will run on Digi’s LTE at launch. Unfortunately, he said the connection speed will be 1mbps only.

    What the flim-flam?

    • Hmm that sounds very suspicious… LTE at 1Mbps, sounds a lot like 3G to me! hahaha! we will try to investigate and let you know our findings!

  • fadzlie

    3gb plan + calls + sms for RM93, and stucked for 2 year? I’ll skip. Currently i’m using digi smartplan 3gb for RM68. my normal usage, with voice calls and sms rarely exceed RM100. It’s better if i buy the iphone contract-free, and use my current call plan. No contract, can change telco anytime.

  • i5-Q

    May I know how do the preorder works out? If I lived in penang, I can pre-order the i5 first,but they couldn;t know when can I receive the phone though. The person I called on 0162211800 said I could receive my phone on Dec 14 if I’m on the first batch,is that true?