Machines Brings iPad Mini To Malaysia Today At (Almost) ALL Outlets!

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  1. metty says:

    no love for other apple resellers?

  2. abrak says:

    As of writing, Machines KLCC have sold out all unit. Maybe some 32GB still has at Challenger KLCC though.

  3. Sam says:

    apple kinda gay. got nth more idea already. now even come out an ipad mini. what a joke product and more ridiculous is those consumers are chasing apply product blindly without even comparing the features.

  4. Jesse Tan says:

    I totally agree with Sam. Apple has no more new idea. They only come out with same product which now is so light that it makes all other tablet feel like a dumbbell. The back camera is only 5mb. Nexus don’t even bother to install it in their cheap tablet. Resolution also lose out to the rest. the only thing that is good about Ipad mini is that it don’t push the brightness all the way to cheat the colour to look so vivid and make us need a pair of eye glasses in the future.

    Sam is right. Apple is kinda gay.

    I don’t see anything wrong for being gay.

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