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Apple iPhone 5 To Arrive In Malaysia On December 14

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  • SuJu uncle

    wow, yet another overpriced piece of junk by sucking blood company, bravo!

    • GJQ

      Well Said.

    • S4: bendy screen, wireless charging and paybyphone
      iphone5: extra row of icon
      innovation INDEED!

    • JJ

      no one force you to buy one la.

    • xproc

      the apple you can’t eat is sour?

    • Wolluap

      Which company don’t suck your blood then? Off topic a bit, any gadget one buys is always beyond what it’s worth (in economic terms we call this profit).

      To ridicule 1 phone is to ridicule them all. Samsung, HTC, Apple, Nokia and others need fat profit margin if not for survival at least for R&D. The fact that Apple can sell higher price at lower spec (according to you) goes a long way to illustrate their marketing/business sense.

      Anyone can sell cheap, but the art is selling high yet create ridiculous demand. Ask Nokia and see if they wish to be in Apple’s shoe given a glimmer of hope, they jump in head first.

      In the end of the day, it’s called “business strategy”, like Samsung, everything they do is copy copy copy, then flood the market with el-cheapo phone, galaxy X,Y,Z or whatever… just so they can squeeze extra penny from every market segment. Apple Blood-sucking? Here’s my pint, wrapped and tagged, just give me the damn iphone5 🙂

      • Jason

        Very well said, Wolluap

      • Niz

        Very much well said 🙂

    • alvinool

      i would like to own this piece of junk 🙂

      • iamlordone

        me too

  • afooks

    oh yeah. certainly is!

  • rad

    “In iPhone 5 we updated the camera lens……cover.”

  • BH

    Why Malaysia is among the last country they launch it? Are our market much smaller than Singapore in terms of population size?

    • AAM

      I agree. Why can’t we be on the initial batch. I’m sure we buy more phones than them annually.

  • WHYY

    dammit. why wont apple or maxis release it nex year. just bought mine last 2 weeks :'( (london regent street)/

  • Nick

    Even Taiwan also launch the Iphone at 14th December….

  • Like BH said, why are we always the last ones.. promises since Aug-Sept and still seeing ads boohoo…

  • MingZX

    i have a question.

    By reaching Malaysian shores, does Apple mean that we can buy unlocked iPhone 5 as well by december 14? I don’t want to be bound by contracts ==

    • Traditionally, Malaysia’s online Apple Store will have the unlocked version of iPhone. Guess we will only know on the release day itself. We’ll keep you posted. 🙂

      • MingZX

        thank you for the reply, sincerely 🙂

        anyway, i’m going to singapore on 11th december 2012 ( tuesday ), which is just 3 days before the official launching of iPhone 5 in malaysia.

        Therefore, i have 2 questions :
        1) If i buy an unlocked iPhone 5 in singapore, is it usable in malaysia, provided i have a nano sim card ready?

        2) OK, so traditionally, unlocked iPhones are available on the launch date together with the major telcos, but from your experience, what is the shipping duration for an iphone 16GB, say the iPhone 4s 16GB last year, if i buy the iPhone online

        I’m eagerly waiting for ur reply and thank you once again 🙂

        • 1) Yes, you can. In fact, some have already did such thing. 😀
          2) You have to wait for a period of time, depending on when you order it at the online store. It usually takes several weeks to arrive at your home.

          • MingZX

            thank you for replying once again, ok last question.

            If i really buy the iPhone 5 in sinagpore, let’s say i have some technical issues or problems with the iPhone 5, can i send it to Apple premium reseller in Malaysia for fixing? Or is there any sort of international Apple warranty sort of thing where i have to contact apple online store malaysia?

            In other words, does the warranty with the iPhone 5 works when i take i back to malaysia from singapore?

          • I apologize for the late reply. As far as my knowledge goes, Apple does not offer international warranty for iPhone. This is consistent with this particular line inside their standard 1-year limited warranty statement ( for iPhone:

            “Apple may restrict warranty service to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the Apple Product.”

            You might be able to fix the problem here (at your own cost, most probably) but as for warranty services, I personally believe it will not be applicable here.

  • hey

    wht abt ipad mini?

    • now you can buy iPad Mini from Apple Online Store Malaysia starting from RM999 for iPad Mini 16GB

  • azree

    how about price??

  • Nic Wong

    very well said Wolluap “clap hands”
    now .. can someone please make the clock turns faster? ?? ohh .. what an agony!! :p

  • xXx

    Finally … hopefully we would have the next iPhone earlier. It’s 3 months late, even Singapore have them long time ago.

  • sky911

    In Malaysia, IPhone always released almost half year after Samsung Galaxy phone(iPhone5 vs Galaxy S3), or on another word is half year before Galaxy phone (iPhone5 vs Galaxy S4)……
    If we buy on Dec, iPhone5 is RM2k++ vs S3 RM1.7k++ without contract….
    If we buy on May/June, iPhone5 still RM2k++ vs S4 RM2k++…….

    Which one you go????

    • No fuss

      Which one i would choose for?
      1) If you are an Apple fan, go for iPhone.
      2) If you are an Android fan, go for Samsung Galaxy S phones.

      Personally, I’m not biased against Samsung galaxy S phones, but even with quad core on the samsung galaxy S3 and note 2, compared to samsung galaxy s2, what is the difference on everyday tasks that you do with your smartphone? say messaging, watching videos etc etc. Nothing
      ( likewise, i didn’t say that iPhone 5 is making messaging, watching video much much better than iPhone 4s)

      Some say that iPhone 5 only has an extra row with a longer screen, and Apple claims it to be the biggest revolution and innovation yet. But ask yourself, what is the difference with Samsung? What innovation are they offering? Pop up play? Smart stay? Samsung galaxy camera? Are you really using the pop-up play on ur samsung galaxy note 2 regularly? Is it really hard to wake the screen up with the press of a button?

      Heck, Samsung makes a new phone by refreshing their current or previous model to penetrate every layer of the market every 2-6 months. Isn’t that considered a ‘sucking blood company”? Then should i wait for galaxy S4 now? or wait for samsung galaxy note 3 a few months after S4 is released next year?

  • Kai

    My sister has bought a IP5 at SG but it doesn’t impressed me at all.. it seems like same as 4S like everyone can see the screen longer abit.. everything inside almost the same.. i had saw a news about Samsung Galaxy S4 today and maybe come on April 2013. if the news was true i would like to give up on Apple and get Samsung 🙂

    • No fuss

      when you say iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s is “it seems like same as 4S like everyone can see the screen longer abit.. everything inside almost the same..”

      just how different in terms of usability and overall design is the Galaxy Note 2 compared to Galaxy Note? likewise, S3 to S2? the screens oso seem “longer” than the previous model . do some research, if better try them out in samsung stores. Be honest with yourself 🙂

      If samsung galaxy s4 is coming next april, i suggest you wait for samsung galaxy note 3 next august or september. Heck they might even make a S4 mini soon afterwards, but better.

  • Maxwell Chiang

    May I know that hw can I gt a Iphone 5 beside signup with any plan(maxis,digi,celcom) after 14.Dec 2012 ?

    • You might be able to purchase it from Apple Online Store Malaysia or Apple resellers (judging from our past experiences) but this is yet to be confirmed.

  • CK Lee

    Price for iPhone 5 is at RM2199 RM2499 and RM2799.. For plans should be similar as previous plans for iPhones..

  • GAN

    So we can line up outside the Malaysia Apple Store on 14th of December ?

    • There’s no such thing as physical Apple Store (as in stores that actually owned by Apple) in Malaysia. All the store you seen here such as Machines etc are called authorized resellers – the closest thing you can get to an Apple Store in Malaysia.

      Back to your question, judging from previous iPhone launches, you might be able to do so but there are usually certain terms and conditions that you need to observe. Not to forget, not all Apple resellers will be able to offer the device on launch day too.

  • tyra

    i can’t wait to have this model…i really love it!!!!

  • jim

    ihave no choice to choose apple because i hate samsung, fucking samsung product.

    • Kazem

      Nokia, HTC, Motorolla…?? ._.

  • roy

    hie there chief,
    im getting iphone 5 from singapore with contract but, im gona be moving to kl soon, i was informed the 4g or LTE wouldnt work with my iphone 5, isit true..? will I have any other complication.

    • Back then, that would be true. But now, if you are on Maxis (and soon Celcom), your iPhone 5 will be able to connect to LTE when you are in the coverage area. Check out this helpful chart at Apple’s site: