Proton Unleashes The New Satria Neo R3: Priced From RM 61K Onwards

2012 Proton Satria Neo R3

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  • e1

    …with such bad experience encountered with its service and products, no way I am going for national car anymore.

  • Charles G Nathan

    Proton should concentrate on selling a Preve CPS manual rather than a 6 year old cosmetically changed Satria CPS manual to consumers. The car design is already used, over used and abused.

  • TC

    I thought ada special sikit…maybe turbocharged ke?? rupanya all stock version…haiz….

  • FIST

    i fail to see the point of this….

  • JS

    I thought since the release of the Preve, they should have put in a turbocharged engine, why on earth would one use back everything stock and sell it for 64k? i rather use the 64 k to buy a real 2nd hand sports car rather than buy one that isnt really one

  • abc

    64k for national car, stock performance, not turbocharge and intercooler, also very low torque (150Nm@4500rpm), very bad performance for climb hill, i rather add more 8k to get vios far better than this shit…. which sell too much over price..

    • choong

      125bhp @6,500 rpm, stock suspension? They must be joking calling it performance car! Why no disclosure of 0-100KM/secs? I bet it’s above 12 secs?

      • According to Proton Edar’s website (source), its 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 10.5 seconds for manual and 12.9 seconds for automatic.

  • numai

    perfect car for ah beng. all bling but no sting.

  • PplRights

    Still using the ancient (>5 yrs) campro engine for 64K ?! Such a disgrace to our country!

  • PplRights

    12.9 sec 0-100 km/h and call it a performance car?? Otak proton / hicom!

  • CarExpert

    dont say it if u dont buy it

  • */-@/

    another Rosak Racing Repair products…..

  • yee

    Is it available in sarawak? I would like to buy it..

  • redowl36

    Gonna buy it sorry hatters..