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Why I’m Cautiously Optimistic for Jolla and Sailfish OS

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  • e1

    …i always wonder about open source, how secure is it ? It is open source, and opened to public to view its inside out, if it is not funded or hired fully to update the source code, how sure to consider a secured operating system ?

    • Hi e1, racuna’s comment might answer your question. On the other hand, Javier’s link is pretty interesting and very scientific.

      Overall, the perception is that open source has the potential to be more secure simply because the source codes are there for all to see. Of course, that also means hackers can manipulate the code – but that’s also not to say that closed-source software is free from malware either.

  • And how secure is a closed source software? How can you see if there any malignant software in his guts?

    An open source give to the community the option of see everything, look for bugs and security holes and fix them.

  • asd

    Fix typo: imagecredit taskumOro.com to taskumUro.com

    • Hi asd, thanks for pointing it out! Apologies for the typo, it’s been fixed now 🙂

  • Sausage

    Some good news to the writer of the article and all who like the notification thing:

    Notification menu is just a swipe left from the lock screen, even more easily available than in MeeGo, and when you use the phone and get message, reminder or whatnot, it appears on top of the screen and I suppose you can tab it to see it.

    All this is seen in some 9min long demonstration, but it is in Finnish. There is also some other info that I’ve not seen elsewhere. If you speak Finnish it’s the best demo, worth seeing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=NtEbOGuxuig
    Here you go, notifications are (almost) seen at about 9:00

    Sorry if links are illegal here 😀

    • Hi Sausage, thanks for the comment. I’ve previously done two write-ups for Jolla at Slush, commenting on its new UI (http://bit.ly/Rk2tnR and http://bit.ly/U5SDjY), and have seen the video you mentioned. Unfortunately I don’t speak Finnish so I may have missed out the notifications appearing at the top of the screen part.

      However, I still believe that an extra home screen for notifications/calendar entries would be a more productive approach. I like Jolla UI’s extensive notification center, but I would prefer having it on one home screen. Of course, seeing the vertical scrolling format on Jolla UI, it would be difficult to implement one more home screen. Hopefully there’ll be more videos to shed more light on the matter 🙂