Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Pricing For Singapore Revealed, Out On Dec 8 - Lowyat.NET

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Pricing For Singapore Revealed, Out On Dec 8

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

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  • chaproo

    urgh.. overbudget already..

  • chapraa

    sigh..was hoping the price would be <rm2000 :/

    • Well, it is the price for Singapore, after all. Malaysia’s pricing has not yet been revealed, so who knows…

      • penditaaa

        Normally is Malaysia price lower then Singapore or vise versa?

  • wow…so expensive…

  • should be cheaper by 200 in malaysia.

  • e1

    honestly, I am looking for WP8 below RM900.00 :o)

    • ronald

      u serious? WP8 is not open source device, hav to pay for the OS (Microsoft)

      • Ariffin Kusetiawan Mukandar

        if nokia can produce an antry level WP8 like Lumia 610 maybe the price can be less than 1K; but you might have to sacrifice lots of bell and whistle for that…

  • nicholas

    really? thats what they are pricing it at? fuck u nokia. no way am i buying nokia stuffs anymore. my next phone shall be a nexus 4. take that.

    • Joe

      it’s quite ok la Nick,

      You don’t have to buy the 920. The world has already bought 2.5million units anyway. I guess ppl really do like the phone more than you do. Which is your right 🙂

    • ronald

      again, not all due to nokia, OS does cost for them, nokia has nice hardware like camera compare to some other company devices.

  • Decruez

    Mahal nak mampus, I rather gor for Note2

  • vince

    wow…so expensive…

  • Mickey7926

    Utter bullshit price!

  • Fa

    those who couldn’t afford shouldn’t bark. nak murah2, pergi beli android. bam!

  • DK Alinur

    really it is hot……….