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HTC One M9 Supposedly Leaked In Photos

HTC’s next iteration of its One flagship smartphone has allegedly been leaked in a series of pictures. While the company is not saying anything until the assumed launch at MWC on 1 March, the leaks appear to confirm the rumoured details about the HTC One M9.

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Project Ara Will Be Sold From Food Trucks In Puerto Rico

Google has revealed new details about its upcoming Project Ara modular smartphone. While the prototype has reached its third iteration, the information about its first test market has raised the most eyebrows. The company will be selling the highly anticipated smartphone first in the US territory of Puerto Rico, from food trucks.

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Microsoft Announces The Lumia 435 And Lumia 532

Microsoft has announced two new budget devices in the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532. Both are 4-inch smartphones that come in both single- and dual-SIM variants, and are an indication that the company is mainly targeting the low-end market.

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Samsung Considering Making Windows Phone Devices Again

Samsung is apparently looking into making low- and mid-range smartphones using the Windows Phone platform in an effort to diversify its product range. Of course, it would only do this if the current legal dispute with Microsoft came to an end.

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CES 2015: Chinese Company Is Resurrecting Palm Inc In US

Everything old is new again as Chinese company TCL has announced that it is reviving the Palm brand as a US based subsidiary. Not only that it will once again make smartphones, and the company is soliciting opinions from the existing Palm community on what the next device should look like.

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Kodak Will Launch A Smartphone At CES 2015

Kodak has announced an Android smartphone that will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show this coming January. There are no details about specifications, but the official press release has also promised more announcements in 2015 that include a tablet, camera, and another 4G LTE capable smartphone.

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Chinese Smartphone Shipments Tripled In Malaysia

Chinese smartphone manufacturers made it big in 2014, with shipments almost tripling in the first half of the year. While that comes as no surprise to anyone, an IDC report indicates that it was Lenovo who gained the most during this period; with both Xiaomi and Oppo following closely.

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BlackBerry And Boeing Collaborating On Top Secret Spy Phone

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is apparently getting help from struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry to build a new type of secure smartphone for government agencies. The self-destructing “Black” phone will include biometric security sensors, and a tamper proof casing that will destroy the phone in an emergency.

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Malaysia Among Top Five Nations For Smartphone Usage

Google has released findings that put Malaysia among the top five countries where smartphone usage is higher than computers. At least one in three Malaysians don’t even use a computer for accessing the internet anymore, which is the highest statistic in the world.

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Android Silver Programme Apparently Dead

Google’s Android Silver programme was originally reported as an effort to bring the stock Android experience to high end smartphones. It was intended to be more inclusive of OEMs and allow the company to properly deliver what they think people should be getting out of the operating system. However, it appears that the programme has […]

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Microsoft’s Next Windows Phone Device May Use Kinect Gestures

  Microsoft has been very quiet about the future of their Windows Phone devices after completing the purchase of Nokia. However, rumours have been surfacing that the new Microsoft Devices divisions has a successor to the Lumia 1020 as part of its plans. Not to mention a stab at what appears to be a new […]

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[Computex 2014] Intel Announces Entry Level Atom Processors For Mobile

Intel is expanding the range of its Atom processors for mobile devices with a new entry level version codenamed SoFIA. The processor will lack LTE and 4G capabilities, instead limiting itself to 3G connections in order to cater to value minded consumers.

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[Computex 2014] Asus Transformer Book V Is A Hybrid Windows Laptop With Android Smartphone

Continuing ASUS’ need to create truly odd hybrid devices, the announcement of the Transformer Book V should be no surprise to anyone. It features a 5-inch Android smartphone that docks with a 12.5-inch convertible notebook that runs on Windows. Unlike the previous versions of the Padfone, the two devices will continue to operate even while separated.

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[LYTV] Oppo Find 7a VOOC vs Regular Charging Demo

One of the features that Oppo announced with the Find 7 and Find 7a at launch was this magical new charging system called VOOC Rapid Charge. With VOOC Rapid Charge, Oppo claims that the Find 7a is able to charge from 0 to 75% in JUST 30 minutes. Curiosity got the better of us and the great […]

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Google Maps Now Integrates Uber Services

Google Maps has received a substantial update which now integrates ridesharing service Uber. The update now allows users to compare Uber transportation with the previous options for walking and driving. Choosing the Uber option also automatically opens the Uber app and prompts the user to hire a ride. Provided the Uber app is installed in […]

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Project Ara Module Maker Experimenting With Conductive Ink

Google’s Project Ara continues to explore new methods for constructing modular parts for smartphones. 3D Systems, the company currently responsible for building modules for Project Ara, is exploring the possibility of using conductive ink to print circuits.

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Google Is Reportedly Dropping The Nexus Brand

New information has surfaced to add to the growing rumours that Google is planning to alter its smartphone strategy. This would involve a shift to drop the Nexus brand of phones and replace it with a set of smartphones that closely adhere to Google’s specifications of what an Android experience should be. Currently known as […]

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Man Builds DIY Smartphone From Raspberry Pi For RM500

While Google’s Project Ara is making all the headlines for being a user customised modular smartphone, software engineer and Raspberry Pi enthusiast David Hunt has decided to get head of the game and build his own smartphone from a Raspberry Pi, an Adafruit touchscreen, and some carefully placed padding. The whole unit is held together with […]

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Is OnePlus Actually A Fully Owned Subsidiary And Sub-Brand Of Oppo?

Since One Plus has been in the limelight as of late, there has been a lot that was called into question regarding its similarity to other Chinese Manufacturer Oppo. In fact, when you abbreviate its latest phone the One Plus One, you get an eerily similar OPO and the pedigree of One Plus’ CEO Pete […]

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Amazon Phone Will Reportedly Use Tilt Gestures Instead Of Buttons

We have covered what looks to be Amazon’s first Smartphone a couple of days earlier and now BGR have come back with even more news about the mysterious device. Apparently instead of the usual buttons that just about EVERY smartphone uses, the Amazon phone will rely on a myriad of gestures and a tilt based […]

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