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BlackBerry Leap Up For Pre-order On 11street

BlackBerry’s newest smartphone is now available for Malaysians to pre-order on 11street. The BlackBerry Leap is aimed at young executives who are just about to begin building their careers, and is priced at a point that won’t break their wallets.

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Microsoft Phones Infringes Patents; Faces Possible Sanctions

The US International Trade Commission has found Microsoft smartphones to have infringed on patents owned by a company known as InterDigital. These patents concern the regulation of power within the device to reduce signal interference and, more importantly, the charge was originally brought against Nokia.

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Nintendo To Begin Making Smartphone Games

Nintendo has announced that it has formed a partnership with Japanese mobile game publisher DeNA to develop new content for smartphones. This is despite spending the better part of last year saying that it would never be making mobile games.

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Fujitsu Develops Liquid Cooling System For Smartphones

Japanese electronics manufacturer Fujitsu has discovered an answer to heating problems that modern devices face, and it happens to be a miniaturised liquid cooling system. The loop heat pipe measures some 1mm in diameter, but the company claims that it will increase heat transfer in devices by as much as five times.

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Sony Considering Exit From Smartphone Business

Sony is looking to restructure itself as the company looks to increasing operating profit by 25 times by 2018, and the biggest sacrifice appears to be the underperforming smartphone division. This follows multiple rounds of downsizing, spinning off the television division into a wholly owned subsidiary, and selling the Vaio laptop brand.

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One Week With…. A BlackBerry Classic: A Surprising Conclusion

And so it ends. One week is up, and I have been freed from this task of experiencing the world from the eyes of a BlackBerry Classic user. As I said in my midweek update, it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, there were some moments when I seriously considered switching over to the platform. […]

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One Week With… The BlackBerry Classic: Midweek Update

I have spent about five days on a BlackBerry device now, and this is a short update to let people know that I have not yet decided to end my existence. As expected, there are some parts of the BlackBerry experience that I enjoy, and some that I would rather not have to face again. […]

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One Week With…the BlackBerry Classic

As someone who has never used a smartphone with a physical keyboard, I have ended up drawing the short straw for Lowyat.NET’s new editorial segment, and have been assigned to spend the next week using the BlackBerry Classic as my only communications device. After seven days, I will share my thoughts and experience with using such an […]

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Alibaba Buys Stake In Smartphone Maker Meizu

Chinese internet giant Alibaba has invested US$590 million in smartphone maker Meizu. The amount is pocket change to the company that recently broke records with its IPO that was held last September. A joint statement from the two companies has indicated that the move is intended to help Alibaba push its own mobile OS.

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New Microsoft Lumia On List of Devices Shipping With Snapdragon 810 Processor

Qualcomm has accidentally spilled the beans on a new Microsoft Lumia smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 810 processor. This comes as a surprise as Microsoft has been quite content to put out budget devices for the last few months; even the flagship Lumia 830 wasn’t exactly bristling with top of the line specifications.

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ARM Introduces New Processors; Doubles Speed With The Cortex A72

ARM has announced new products that double the speed of current models, and are being made available to manufacturers this year. Consumers won’t be seeing these electronics appearing in commercial products until next year, but it provides a tantalising glimpse into the next generation of smartphones and tablets.

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Oppo Malaysia Warns Consumers About Potential Counterfeit Products

Oppo Malaysia is apparently having an issue with counterfeit products in the country. The company has so far reported some 644 cases of knock-off phones appearing, most of which happened because the devices had failed and were shipped to Oppo service centres by unsuspecting consumers.

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Acer To Launch New Windows Phone Devices At MWC 2015

Acer has confirmed plans to announce new Windows Phone devices at Mobile World Congress 2015 in March. This marks a surprising change of heart for the company that had originally abandoned the operating system because it was too risky.

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Microsoft Invests In Rogue Android Developer Cyanogen

Cyanogen wants to take Android away from Google, and it looks like Microsoft is more than happy to help it along with a US$70 million investment in the company. While the amount makes Redmond a minority investor in the company, there is a sense that Microsoft would like nothing more than to loosen Google’s grip […]

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Sony To Cut Smartphone Division By 1,000 Jobs

Sony is reducing the size of its smartphone division yet again. Some 1,000 jobs are set to be cut, most of which will be from Europe and China. There is no explanation on why this is happening, although it probably has something to do with the lackluster mobile sales.

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HTC Now Sponsoring Three Teams For League Of Legends Championship Series

HTC has announced that it has jumped on the eSports bandwagon and will be sponsoring teams in the upcoming League of Legends Championship series. Cloud 9, Team Liquid, and Team Solo Mid will benefit from this new arrangement, although no details were announced.

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Apple Allows Chinese Government To Examine iOS Source Code

The Chinese government has managed to convince Apple to turn over their source code to assuage fears of secret backdoors and spying. This brings many years of pressure from the government to an end, although the move could have also have been prompted by US whistleblower Edward Snowden’s comments about the iPhone last week.

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HTC One M9 Supposedly Leaked In Photos

HTC’s next iteration of its One flagship smartphone has allegedly been leaked in a series of pictures. While the company is not saying anything until the assumed launch at MWC on 1 March, the leaks appear to confirm the rumoured details about the HTC One M9.

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Project Ara Will Be Sold From Food Trucks In Puerto Rico

Google has revealed new details about its upcoming Project Ara modular smartphone. While the prototype has reached its third iteration, the information about its first test market has raised the most eyebrows. The company will be selling the highly anticipated smartphone first in the US territory of Puerto Rico, from food trucks.

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Microsoft Announces The Lumia 435 And Lumia 532

Microsoft has announced two new budget devices in the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532. Both are 4-inch smartphones that come in both single- and dual-SIM variants, and are an indication that the company is mainly targeting the low-end market.

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