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Microsoft, TM, and Intel Launch Trade-in Program To Assist SMEs Move From Windows XP and Office 2003

As some of you might aware, Microsoft is no longer providing support for Windows XP and Office 2003 starting from yesterday onwards. This means that both software will no longer receive updates or fixes from Microsoft and that might spell trouble to companies especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) out there that have yet to […]

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Iris Pro Graphics Is Coming To Desktop Via Broadwell, The 5th Gen Intel Core Processors

One of the most touted feature from the 4th generation Intel Core processor is the significant improvement over the ability of its integrated GPU which is best represented by the Intel Iris Pro Graphics. That being said, Iris Pro is currently limited to certain laptop processors as well as the R-series processors which are designed […]

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Intel Pentium 20th Anniversary Edition Processor To Hit The Market In Mid-2014

Not enough with Devil’s Canyon and the 8-core, 16-thread Intel Haswell-E Core i7 Extreme Edition processor, Intel has also announced yet another new product at the on-going Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The company didn’t specify whether it will be a series of processor or just one single processor but we do know that […]

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Upcoming Intel’s Haswell-E Core i7 Extreme Edition Processor To Feature 8 CPU Core, Supports DDR4 Memory

Apart from the new Devil’s Canyon processor, Intel has also announced yet another enthusiast-oriented processor at the on-going Game Developers Conference. Part of the company’s long running Extreme Edition high-end processors, this upcoming Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor is Intel’s first 8-core, 16-thread desktop processor and based on CPU architecture called Haswell-E.

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Intel Announces New Unlocked 4th Gen Core Processor, Codenamed Devil’s Canyon

There were a lot of talks that Intel is no longer paying attention to enthusiasts market especially during the time when the Haswell-based 4th generation Intel Core processors first hit the market last year. This is because many believes that Haswell products are focusing more on power saving features and integrated graphics performance rather than […]

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CES 2014: Intel Perceptual Computing Is Now RealSense Technology, Embedded 3D Camera To Be Its First Product

You might heard of Intel’s Perceptual Computing before which aims to build technology that would help users to have natural and more immersive interaction with computers through not only touch interface but also through hand gestures, voice and video. The effort has since resulted in a new line of hardware and software family that Intel […]

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Intel Learn Easy Steps and E-Basics Programs Are Heading To National Youth Skill Training Institutes

Fresh from its recent deal with YTL Communications for 1BestariNet earlier this month, Intel Malaysia have signed yet another education-oriented partnership and this time, it’s with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This new cooperation will revolve around two of Intel’s education programs: the Intel Learn Easy Steps and Intel Entrepreneurship Basics (E-Basics). If these […]

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Intel Is Now FC Barcelona’s New Technology Partner

Sports sponsorship is nothing new to Intel as they have sponsored the BMW-Sauber Formula 1 team before and several eSports teams throughout the world. However, I would say that the latest round of sponsorship that the well-known chip maker have officially announced just moments ago is slightly different though. This is due to the fact […]

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Intel Malaysia Kicks Off Another Round of Notebook Trade-In Program, Now Offers RM 650 Cash Refund

Back in May, Intel Malaysia launched a half-year long Generation Today’s campaign which also included a trade-in programs for old PCs. Right after the campaign concluded last month, the company now have announced yet another trade-in program called “Trade Up My PC” which will last until 31 January 2014. However, the new Trade Up My […]

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Yes 4G and Intel Malaysia Announced Partnership To Deliver Integrated 4G Devices To Educational Sector

YTL Communications (or more fondly known as Yes 4G) and Intel Malaysia earlier today have officially announced their brand new partnership which will see the introduction of 4G-integrated devices in the educational sector – specifically, the 1BestariNet program. While both parties have no roll out schedule to share during the press conference earlier today, Intel […]


[Lowyat.TV] WTB – What To Buy Episode 2: Graphics Cards

WTB – What To Buy returns with a look at graphics cards. What do you need to know when choosing a one? What do all those numbers in the name mean? And do you really need to have one if all you do is watch Youtube? This isn’t a definitive guide to buy a graphics […]


[Lowyat.TV] Presenting A New Series: WTB – What To Buy

This is a series for newbies who want to start building their own PCs, but don’t know where to start. Each episode, we will cover the basics of different computer components. We aren’t telling you exactly what to buy, but we are telling you where to start looking for options. Besides, at the rate computers […]

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