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MWC 2015: Intel Unveils New Line Of Mobile Atom Processors

Intel has unveiled a new line of Atom processors meant for the mobile market at Mobile World Congress 2015.  The Atom x3, x5, and x7 follow a similar naming scheme to Intel’s Core brand of processors, and are meant to secure a better position in mobile devices.

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Report: Intel Skylake Desktop Processors To Be Delayed Till End of August

Even though products based on the 5th generation Intel Core processors have just started to make their way into the market as the processors were only officially announced last month, the buzz surrounding the upcoming 6th generation chips is starting to gain traction. Based on a new architecture codenamed Skylake, it seems like some consumers have […]

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Intel Reveals First NUC Mini Desktop Powered By A Core i7 Processor

The latest range of Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) desktops has been revealed, most of which feature processors upgraded to the new fifth generation Broadwell chips. However, there is also a new version that sports an Intel Core i7 and space for a 2.5-inch drive.

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New Intel PC Refresh Promotion Lets You Save Up to RM597 on Eligible Products

Intel is currently holding a promotion in Low Yat Plaza that might just pique your interest if you’re looking for a new laptop or tablet. The promotions include a RM100 discount voucher, a free JBL speaker worth RM300, 3-year local warranty on selected Acer products, and a complimentary 3-year subscription for McAfee Internet Security.

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CES 2015: Blocks Wearables Conjures Up Modular Smartwatch Design

One more interesting wearable design has come out of CES 2015, although this is more of a startup presenting a prototype. Blocks Wearables, the name of the company, was exhibiting their version of a modular smartwatch at the Intel booth as part of the “Make It Wearable” competition.

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Acer Laptops With 5th Generation Intel Core Processors Now Available In Malaysia

Acer laptops with the new fifth generation Intel Core processors are now available in Malaysia. The new Acer Aspire E5, V3, and R14 laptops all feature the Broadwell Intel Core i5 processors, and have been spotted at the Malaysia IT Fair that is happening until Sunday.

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CES 2015: Intel Reveals The Curie, A Button Sized Computer

Intel has introduce a tiny computer intended to help just about anyone to build a wearable device. Based on the Intel Quark SoC, the Curie Module has integrated 6-axis combo sensor with an accelerometer and gyroscope, low energy BlueTooth, and a DSP sensor hub.

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Intel Compute Stick Will Put Windows On Your TV

Intel’s quest to make smaller computers is coming along nicely. The technology company will begin selling the Intel Compute Stick this year, which allows users to turn their TVs into a giant computer. All you need is an HDMI port.

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CES 2015: HP Introduces Tiny Desktop Computers, Comparisons To Mac Mini Inevitable

HP has announced the introduction of the Pavilion and Stream mini desktops, which are intended to be low-powered, energy-efficient PCs that can fit in the palm of a hand. The idea isn’t new, but these are rare enough to be notable. The design is also suspiciously reminiscent of Tupperware.

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CES 2015: Lenovo Refreshes ThinkPad Yoga, Adds New Sizes

Lenovo has announced a new 2015 refresh of the ThinkPad Yoga with the return of a processor that should raise some eyebrows. It is also expanding the line with new 14- and 15-inch models that will not be using the same kind of processor the smaller 12-inch version.

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CES 2015: Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Receives Intel RealSense Camera Upgrade

Acer’s high end Aspire V 17 Nitro will soon include an Intel RealSense 3D camera, which comes as no surprise as the company was announced as one of the manufacturers who would be deploying the technology. RealSense will allow the laptop to perform 3D scanning of objects, as well as sense depth and movement to create […]

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Samsung Reveals Ativ Book 9, 12-inch Fanless Ultrabook

Samsung is getting the jump on 2015 by announcing the Ativ Book 9. Powered by Intel’s new Core M processor, this Ultrabook promises extra long battery life and almost silent running; the latter thanks to there being almost no moving parts at all in the machine.

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Intel Promotion at Pikom PC Fair from 19th to 21st December 2014 Offers Trade Ins, Freebies and More

Those who are planning to upgrade their laptop or are on the lookout for a good offer on Intel-powered devices, mark this event in your calendar. Intel is currently having a promotion for devices powered by Intel at the next Pikom PC Fair this month.

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Intel Unveils New Speech System For Stephen Hawking

Intel has revealed a new open source speech system created for Professor Stephen Hawking. Hawking suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and  is perhaps best recognised as that scientist in a wheel chair who talks through a computer. Intel hopes that the system can also be adapted for other people who suffer similar motor and neuron […]

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Next Google Glass Will Have Intel Inside

News about Google Glass has slowed to barely a trickle over the last few months, but that looks set to change with Intel entering the picture. This is not just a switch of processor, but an overhaul of the entire device to get it working for a full consumer release.

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Intel RealSense Camera Does Everything It Promised To Do

Intel’s RealSense camera is like installing an Xbox Kinect into a tablet; without making it too thick. We had the chance to experience what it can do at Intel’s Future Showcase in Singapore, where two versions were on display; one on a reference design tablet, and the other installed into a laptop.


Hands On: Intel Education Reference Tablet And 2-In-1 Computer

Getting computers into the classroom is one of the goals for Intel, and it is fully prepared to show the world precisely what it intends this future to look like. The Intel Future Showcase provided two separate reference designs that display the technology giant’s vision for mobile educational hardware.

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Intel Outlines Plans For Wireless Charging Technology

Intel expects wireless charging to grow exponentially within the next few years and is currently investing heavily in the technology. A presentation made at the Intel Future Showcase held in Singapore outlined the company’s strategy for wireless charging in the near future; which includes a separate standard from the current popular Qi wireless charging technology.

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Intel Unveils the MICA, Wearable for Women

Everybody wants a slice of the wearable market, and Intel enters the market with the introduction of the MICA, or “My Intelligent Communication Accessory”. Designed by Opening Ceremony and is meant to work without a smartphone and Intel aims to sell the MICA to “fashion-forward” women with its appeal as a fashion accessory.

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Intel Rigged Benchmark Scores Long Before it Was Cool

Long before several smartphone companies was accused (and found guilty) of manipulating results of its mobile chipsets in benchmarking software, Intel had been doing it with its own chips…almost 15 years ago. 

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