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Confirmed: Intel’s Upcoming BIOS Update Will Eliminate Non-K Skylake Processor Overclocking For Good

Intel has now confirmed that it will indeed release a BIOS update which will disable any form of overclocking on non-K Skylake processors. According to PCWorld, Intel mentioned that overclocking non-K Skylake processors isn’t recommended, simply because they weren’t designed for it. Interestingly, this confirms the recent rumour about Intel playing a part in ASRock’s […]

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ASRock Removes SKY OC Technology In Latest BIOS Update

A few months ago, we reported about ASRock’s SKY OC technology, which gave users with locked Intel processors the ability to overclock their desktop chips. Unfortunately, the company has released a recent BIOS update that completely eliminates the aforementioned technology.

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AMD Calls Out Intel For Using Biased And Unreliable Benchmark

CPU manufacturing giant, AMD, has openly accused Intel of using a biased and unreliable benchmarking tool, SYSmark, to describe the performance of Intel’s processors. According to AMD, SYSmark favours Intel processors since the benchmarking software focuses too much on raw performance instead of real-world usage. This alleged software bias is tied to Intel because AMD […]

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Intel Officially Announces Sixth Generation Core vPro Processors

Intel has announced the availability of its new sixth generation Core vPro processors. Consumers have had access to Skylake processors for several months now, and Intel is now bringing the enterprise side of things up to speed. For the most part, the vPro chips will function like their regular Core counterparts; albeit with a few […]

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Future Processors Will Not Support Older Versions Of Windows

Enterprise customers are notorious for hanging on to legacy operating systems for the sake of compatibility; however, it looks like Microsoft is about the change the deal. Redmond has announced that it will no longer support older versions of Windows on future computer processors.

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Intel Claims Iris And Iris Pro Graphics Are Able To Outmatch Several Discrete GPUs

Just recently, Gregory Bryant, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s desktop client platform, has came out with a confident statement saying that Intel Iris Graphics can outperform almost 80% of discrete GPUs in the market. Currently, the Iris integrated graphics technology can only be found on Skylake processors.

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Intel Admits To Skylake System Freeze Bug

Intel has admitted that its new sixth generation processors suffer from a bug that causes the system to freeze when performing complex workloads. It isn’t something most consumer would come across, and mainly affects industries that rely on heavy computing power like research institutes or financial institutions.

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Intel Is Making Its RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit Available

Intel has finally getting around to releasing the developer kit for a RealSense equipped smartphone. The kit is an Intel powered smartphone design that incorporates the Intel RealSense Camera ZR300 and is also fully compatible with Google’s Project Tango.

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CES 2016: Razer Introduces The Stargazer Webcam; Built On Intel Realsense Technology

Razer has announced a new webcam based on on Intel’s Realsense 3D technology. The new Razer Stargazer is intended to make it easier for gamers to stream their gameplay by removing the need for a green screen background. It is also one of the few ways of getting a Realsense camera on to a desktop computer.

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CES 2016: Intel Updates NUC Line With Skylake Processors

The season of Skylake refreshes is upon us, and Intel has gotten around to announcing that its NUC line will be receiving four new computers featuring the sixth generation Intel Core processors. To be fair, there is technically only two versions of the hardware; split between the “tall” and “short” variants of the NUC.

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CES 2016: Intel Updates Compute Stick With Core m3, m5 processors

Intel is refreshing its Compute Stick lineup with new Skylake processors, and looks like it has addressed some other problems with the tiny computers as well. The form factor remains the same, but the addition of Core m processors may give the Compute stick the power boost it desperately needs.

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The Best Intel-Powered Laptops For Every Type of User

The new year is upon us, and this is just the right time to think about refreshing that clunky old laptop. A new year should mean new toys, and with the introduction of Windows® 10 and 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, there’s no better time for upgrading.

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Intel Acquires Rival Chipmaker Altera

Intel has completed the acquisition of rival microprocessor manufacturer Altera. The announcement concludes proceedings which have been ongoing since May 2015, and see Altera folded into the Intel business structure as a new independent unit known as the Programmable Solutions Group.

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Intel Launches Eight New Processors Based On Broadwell and Skylake

Intel has released eight new processors that are based on the Broadwell and Skylake architectures. Among the eight CPUs that were released, two are desktop processors with the rest being mobile processors. Oddly, Intel did not go all out in marketing the release of the processors, probably because of the non-mainstream nature of the new […]

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Intel Skylake Processors Are Being Damaged By Third Party Coolers

Intel is currently investigating reports of its Skylake processors being damaged by third party cooling solutions. It turns out that some types of cooling end up exerting too much pressure on the thinner new chips, which caused them to bend. This has resulted in reports of damaged processors and sockets.

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USB Type-C Gets Upgraded With Intel’s Thunderbolt 3

USB Type-C is getting even better now that it has Thunderbolt 3 – Intel’s transfer protocol. It aims to replace most existing USB cables like microUSB 2.0, USB 3.0, and more.

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A Closer Look At Apple’s A9X Chip

Ever since the recent release of the iPad Pro, there have been many positive remarks about Apple’s newest tablet. However, in order to produce a performance hungry tablet like the iPad Pro, the CPU has be more powerful than any other Apple mobile chips. Which is why Apple introduced the A9X as its processor, and […]

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Intel Formally Launches Skylake Processors In Malaysia

Intel has formally launched its sixth generation Intel Core processors in Malaysia. The company sees Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific and Japan region as a market with large potential for growth, with an ever increasing demand for mobile devices. Intel is also expecting the region to drive adoption of wearables for the near future.

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Using DDR3 RAM With Intel’s Skylake Could Damage The Memory Controller

Intel’s sixth generation processor officially supports DDR3L and DDR4 RAM; however, Skylake motherboards have also been listing support for DDR3 RAM. While it is possible to use DDR3 RAM with the new processors, this shouldn’t be done as it turns out the higher voltage requirements could damage the integrated memory controller (IMC).

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Game Time At Intel DIY PC Enthusiast Gaming Showcase: Win A 6th Generation Core Processor

This notice arrives rather late but it has come to our attention that there would be an Intel DIY PC Enthusiast Gaming showcase this weekend at Thunder Match in Plaza Low Yat. While it might sound like another typical roadshow, there will apparently be a mini gaming competition at the event where the winner will end […]

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