New DiGi SmartPlan with 4G LTE

Look at what we just saw on DiGi’s website, the telco has just unveiled its new DG Smart Plan postpaid plans and it looks like they will be offering 4G LTE for smartphone users as well…finally! Previously available for DiGi Broadband and Tablet Internet Plans only, DiGi has finally decided to roll out LTE for its voice plans and in conjunction with that, the telco also has got some new plans that looks pretty competitive with 2GB of data at only RM50 a month. Hit the break for the full details about the new DG SmartPlan postpaid plans.

DiGi has removed two of its old SmartPlan postpaid plans (SmartPlan 58/88) and replaced them with the new DG SmartPlan 50, SmartPlan 78, and SmartPlan 108 for RM50, RM78 and RM108 respectively. As with existing SmartPlan postpaid plans, all these new options comes bundled with data, voice calls and SMS.

DiGi New SmartPlan with LTE FULL v2Click on image for larger version

With LTE on board, it’s no wonder why DiGi has decided to offer more data, even with its most basic postpaid plan – SmartPlan 50 at RM50/month. The rest of the plans seems to be getting more data as well however as with the older plans, the data quota are split into two different usage – Mobile Internet Quota and Smart Apps quota. In addition to that, the new SmartPlans also comes with additional “freebies” such as unlimited weekend calls within the DiGi network (valid for SmartPlan 78/108/148 only), unlimited messaging on WhatsApp, unlimited surfing using Opera Mini, free DiGi Visual Voicemail, free Norton Mobile Security, and free unlimited music streaming on Deezer. Do note that according to DiGi, the free weekend calls are subjected to fair usage policy of 1,000 minutes a month.

Smart Apps Quota refers to the data used for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat and WhatsApp but we’re not quite sure on how it works because the new SmartPlans should come with free unlimited messaging on WhatsApp anyway. Mobile Internet Quota refers to all other usage and will be available for you to use as you please. As for the rest of the freebies like Deezer Premium, Norton Mobile Security and DiGi Visual Voicemail, everything will be free throughout your DG SmartPlan subscription.

The plans should be available immediately, since it’s already live on their website, but to enjoy 4G LTE on your LTE-enabled smartphone, you might need to change to a new SIM card. Check out our DiGi 4G LTE announcement post to find out more about how you can get LTE now.

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