Google Android Beta Testers

Facebook app for Android has always been a little challenging to develop for the team behind the social network. There are so many different types of Android devices out there of different specs and range, and in order to build the perfect app for Android users, Facebook is starting a beta testing program and want you to be part of it. Yes, you, and any Android users around the world. This possibility has been made possible thanks to a new Google feature, which was announced in Google I/O this year, that allows developers to create a Google Group for beta testers.

The task is simple, each time Facebook releases a beta update for its Android app, those who opt to be a beta tester will be able to download the app from the Play Store. The job as a tester is simple too, you get the beta versions of the app before everybody else and all you need to do is use it like you normally would. Should you encounter any error, simply report it back to Facebook so they can improve on things.

Facebook also has a new Facebook group to host active discussions for users to provide feedbacks and share updates. You don’t have to post anything if you don’t wish to, all Facebook wish to do is have a larger group of users with a more diverse range of Android devices to test their app on.

Visit Facebook for more information, or join the Facebook for Android Beta Testers Google Group now.

(Source: Engadget, Facebook)

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