Whenever anyone not really photography skewed asks me what camera they should get, I never hesitate with recommending either the Canon S110 or the Sony RX100. The RX100 has always been the default recommendation for if you have over RM2k to spend on a compact camera and now Sony has made that offering just that much better. The RX100M2 (or Mark II) shows significant improvement over its predecessor with a new 1inch 20.9 CMOS sensor that Sony says gives the RX100M2 incredible low light functionality. On top of that the RX100M2 comes with a super bright f/1.8 Zeiss lens as well as a multi interface shoe which allows you to add a viewfinder, flash and the like on top of the camera. To top it up, the RX100M2 comes with WiFi and NFC for pairing your camera with your smartphone. Sony says however that the RX100 is not going away and the the RX100M2 will be slotting in the family rather than replacing the RX100.


On the very top end of the scale, the RX1 got the R treatment, dropping the optical low pass filter like how the D800E does with the D800 and becomes the RX1R for exactly the same price.

Speaking of prices, the RX100M2 will cost about RM300 more than the RX100 but then again for all you get as an upgrade, I think it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Both cameras go on sale in July

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