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Traveling to Myanmar soon? U Mobile recently announced that starting 21 June 2013, all U Mobile postpaid subscribers traveling to Myanmar would be able to enjoy the lowest voice roaming rates with Myanmar Post and Telecommunications’ (MPT) network.

“Recent numbers reported by the governmental statistic body, the Central Statistical Organization, showed that more than 30,000 Malaysian travellers visited Myanmar in 2012. Malaysians are travelling more and more each year and mobile subscribers are using their phones aboard as frequently as they do their own home country. With the new offering by U Mobile which offers the lowest voice roaming rates, it will certainly benefit the Malaysian travellers who visit Myanmar.” – Jaffa Sany Ariffin, CEO of U Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

Upon the arrival in Myanmar, U Mobile postpaid subscribers will be able to enjoy the lowest voice roaming rate of RM4/minute when calling back to Malaysia, and RM1.25/min to make local calls within the country. U Mobile currently has over 300 international roaming arrangements in 185 countries worldwide and is expanding its list rapidly to provide U Mobile’s subscribers with global connectivity in its roaming footprint.

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