Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally landed in Malaysia, over the weekend, all our major local telcos – Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and U Mobile had their own respective launch events that gave away more freebies and such, and if you still haven’t decided on which bundle to pick, let us help you a little with this price comparison.

All the four telcos in Malaysia have their own bundle for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Celcom has a very broad option for you to choose from with contracts ranging from 12- to 24-months; Maxis is offering with its usual TalkMore and SurfMore plans; while both DiGi and U Mobile are pretty straightforward with plans for light to heavy mobile users.

Hit the break for the comparisons.

First up, for the more affordable range target at normal mobile users, who wish to pay no more than RM100 a month for mobile usage.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Telco Price Comparison Affordable 2Click to enlarge

The mid-range choice with monthly commitment of less than RM130.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Telco Price Comparison Mid Range 2Click to enlarge

And finally for heavy mobile users, targeted at those who runs around a lot for work, hardly have access to Wi-Fi connectivity at home and office, and makes lots of phone calls a month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Comparison  HighClick to enlarge

Please click on the images to view a larger version. At a glance, it would seem that DiGi and U Mobile are the most affordable however, they only offer a 24-months contract option. Being tied to a 2-years contract isn’t a problem for those who stays loyal to their smartphone but for technology followers, looking at the rate these manufacturers are introducing new mobile phones, especially Samsung, 2 years seems like a mighty long wait.

Of course, at the end of the day, while these numbers plays an important role in helping you purchase a new smartphone, it all boils down to the coverage area. If the places you frequent the most – home, work, school, etc. – do not have a proper connectivity for a certain telco, there’s no point signing up with them.

Finally, here are all the plans the individual telcos are offering:

Samsung Galaxy S4 MaxisClick to enlarge

Samsung Galaxy S4 Celcom 2Click to enlarge

Samsung Galaxy S4 DiGi

Samsung Galaxy S4 U Mobile

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