It looks like your dream of owning a flexible display that is truly flexible instead of flexed/curved, has just gotten one step closer thanks to Fujifilm. The company decided that they want to venture out of imaging products and guess what’s the first thing they thought of? Speakers! Using a technology called electroacoustic film, they’ve invented ultra-flat speakers that can be rolled up into a scroll.

The film is made from polymers and ceramics and is able to reproduce the entire spectrum of sounds audible to human ears – from 20Hz to 20kHz. As shown in the demo video below, even when the film is flexed, the audio does not get distorted. The film can even be bent and made into an origami fan (and origami crane!) and will still work perfectly fine.

According to the spokesperson who demonstrated the technology, he suggested that the technology could be used with OLED displays to make retractable devices. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, the same film can even be used as a microphone to convert sound into electronic signals.

(Source; Gizmodo)

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