Ever wondered how a white LG Nexus 4 would look like? Well, wonder no more – check out these leaked images of a sexy Nexus 4 posing with a shimmery white back cover. The pictures, which were first leaked on a Vietnamese site, Tinh te, show a white Nexus 4 in its full glory.

Unfortunately though, while the Nexus 4 may have one of the sexiest back ever thanks to the patented “Crystal Reflection” design by LG, the front still remains the same as the original Nexus 4 – black edges with a black bezel surrounding the display, making it quite impossible to tell that it’s a different unit from the front view.

I must say, the white Nexus 4 is definitely something worth waiting for; let’s just hope that these are just pictures of a prototype and the real deal will come with an equally attractive front. More pictures after the break.

(Source: PhoneArena, Tinh te)

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