Forget about those huge Curved OLED TVs we saw yesterday from Samsung and LG, today, Samsung showed off its curved OLED on something smaller that we can all relate to – a phone. It isn’t exactly a “curved” OLED per say, it’s actually the company’s flexible OLED display that has been given the name Youm.

Samsung took its flexible OLED and placed it onto a prototype phone that stretches out all the way towards the rear edge of the device on the right. The company has big plans on what it intend to do with its newfound design yet, but the idea is that it allows users to read notifications on the curved part of the display without having to remove the case cover of the phone’s main display though I’m pretty sure given the time, they could definitely come up with something better.

No information have been revealed about the prototype of course, it’s not even a true phone since it isn’t even equipped with the stuffs you find in a phone like an OS, camera and such. According to The Verge, it’s currently just a plasticky touch-enabled digital picture frame with a mock-up UI. Check out The Verge for a video demo on how the curved OLED prototype phone from Samsung works.

(Source: The Verge)

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