Microsoft Disses iPad ad

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen videos from Microsoft that disses its competitors, particularly Apple’s iPads. The company has recently gone all out in creating such YouTube ads lately that not only makes fun of the iPad, but also the Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as Google.

Over the past couple of days, Microsoft has been releasing a handful of Surface 2 ads that shows off just how good it is when compared to the iPad Air’s lack of ports, the inability to have multiple users to one device, and the lack of gesture controls; there’s even a video from Nokia that compares the Lumia 2520 with the iPad that has no physical keyboard. But Microsoft is not stopping at that, they have also been releasing several videos that compare the Galaxy Tab to Surface 2, as well as one to disses Google’s Chromebook.

Whether these ads are great marketing techniques or just cheap shots at dissing others, it’s definitely entertaining to watch them. Hit the break to check them out. So, what do you think about these series of ads?

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