Samsung to make glasses rumor

I’m sure by now you’re all aware that there are no electronic products that Samsung can’t make, they have practically all the household electronic appliances out there, televisions, cameras, a lot of phones that caters to every single segment in the market, they recently ventured into the smartwatch segment with the Galaxy Gear, and it looks like they might be making glasses as well and not your average glasses, but a “smart” one that is similar to what Google has.

Tweeted by Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-review, it is said that the glasses will be called “Gear Glass” and will make its debut in early 2014, just in time for Google Glass launch, maybe. Of course, it’s only a rumor so take it with a pinch of salt. It’ll be great to see what Samsung has got to offer, they are very good in their software, and a healthy competition can only mean good for us consumers.

Anyone here looking forward to a pair of smart glasses from Samsung or will you stick to Google Glass instead?

(Source: BGR, Eldar Murtazin)

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