Nokia has won another patent infringement lawsuit against Taiwanese rivals HTC. This time, the UK High Court has ruled that HTC violates another of the Finnish company’s expansive patent portfolio, resulting in a ban in sales for the HTC One Mini in the UK; a ban for the flagship HTC One is also a possibility. HTC has until Friday, December 6 to lodge an appeal before the ban goes into effect.

The patent HTC was ruled to violate, patent number EP0998024, relates to the ”modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station” In the company’s defence, HTC claims that the technology is used in Qualcomm’s chipsets fitted in the devices in question and therefore Nokia should be going after the chipmaker and not HTC. Other companies are also said to infringe on the patent, including Apple, but it was not enough for the defence.

This is not the first lawsuit that Nokia has won against HTC. Earlier this year, Nokia even got HTC to temporarily halt sales of the HTC One in the UK after it was found that the flagship Android smartphone uses a similar set of microphone components, called High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC) that were invented and made exclusive to Nokia.

(Source: CNET)