Back in 2009, national carmaker Proton announced its new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the Proton Exora. However, in an interesting twist, the company announced a competition for Malaysians to name the MPV prior to its launch. Malaysia’s pioneer automotive company is at it again in 2013, with the new Nama Siapa Hebat contest.

The contest is held to name Proton’s new compact car, which the company describes as being “stylish, hip and compact, with advanced, innovative design and features. It’s spacious, comfortable and extremely practical. It’s fun to drive!” Winners not only stand a chance of seeing their creative name emblazoned on the new Proton compact car, though. Proton is offering some extremely lucrative prizes, with the winning entry winning the Premium edition of the car itself. Other prizes include the Apple Macbook Air, Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as the HTC One.

The Nama Siapa Hebat contest ends on 25 July, so if you haven’t sent your entries in already, head on to and send in your replies now!

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