Meet the Team

We are a fun, creative, geeky bunch that lives and breathes technology. Here’s the team that makes Lowyat.NET awesome.

Chief Chapree
Originally deep in the eSports arena before making a move into the world of consumer tech, his current love are but not exclusive to PC hardware, gaming peripherals/system, fitness tech, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, and Microsoft products. Has soft spot for Nokia devices. No, Chapree is not his real name but he doesn't mind.
Andrew Cheng
Reviews Editor
Gamer, tech junkie, and an early adopter of way too many gadgets, Andrew hopes to drive the tech journalism industry in Malaysia to new heights.
John Law
Senior Writer
A hardware enthusiast who just can't seem to stop playing around with PC components and consumer tech devices. Also has a very unearthly love for tea. No seriously, it's very unearthly.
Nasir Rabik
I eat CPUs for breakfast, GPUs for lunch, and PSUs for dinner.
Vijandren Ramadass

Vijandren Ramadass