Caltex May Launch Its CaltexGO Cashless Refueling App And Service In Malaysia Soon

For three years now, Petronas is currently the only fuel company in Malaysia that offers its customers the ability for remote cashless refueling at its stations via the Setel mobile application. Looking to finally join in to this trend in the local scene is Chevron International’s Caltex fuel brand, which may soon be launching its own fuel e-payment application.

Spotted by local tipster Kevin Ng TK, the latter’s CaltexGO app is now available in early access via Google Play Store. That being said, most of its features are not currently available to Malaysian users at this time due to its current state. It is not known when Caltex is planning to debut the application, but the company did confirm through Kevin’s query in Facebook that a launch could be happening soon. It’s worth mentioning that although it is currently unavailable on the Apple App Store, CaltexGO will most likely be available for iOS users once its launches – based on its Singaporean release.

Speaking of which, Caltex first launched its remote cashless refueling solution and application in Singapore back in September 2018, being the first company to introduce the approach in South East Asia – just two months prior to Petronas and Setel. Much like the service offered by the latter, CaltexGO allows customers to purchase fuel through their mobile phones, without having to leave their respective vehicle – a method that unexpectedly became a recommended choice since last year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As mentioned earlier, the app is available on both Android and iOS platforms at launch.

Based on our own findings and testing, the local version of the application comes with a cashless payment feature, and an in-app map navigation feature that lists out any nearby Caltex stations within your area. Users are also provided the option to link their Caltex Loyalty Card to the app in order to collect points, and there’s also a promotions tab that will list out potential deals and redeemable e-coupons – although this section is currently empty at this time.


Naturally, upon booting, the app will ask new users to register a new account in order to access its services. The process is pretty straight forward, as seen in the provided screenshots in this article; simply provide your name, phone number and email address, and then enter the generated one-time-password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone to verify your identity. Other steps such as Loyalty card linking and payment method are optional and can be skipped to complete the registration process. In regards to the latter, CaltexGO only lists Visa and Mastercard for its cashless payment feature for now. It’s not known if Caltex plans to allow customers the ability to link with any third-party e-Wallets in the near future.

Seeing that the CaltexGO is now available for Android users in Malaysia for a first look, it is possible that the Chevron International fuel brand may be planning to run a small scale test of its new service before its expected full-fledged launch. At this time, all we can do now is wait for an official announcement from Caltex.

Thanks Kevin Ng TK for the tip!

(Source: Kevin Ng TK [Twitter] / Caltex Singapore [Official website] / Google Play Store)