There Is A Secret Message Within The White House’s Website

Back on 20 January, Joe Biden was sworn in as the new President of the United States after a rather eventful outing with Donald Trump for the past four years. Naturally, this means the official website of the White House needs to be updated as well to represent the country’s new commander-in-chief.

While there is nothing out of ordinary about that, the newly updated website does contain something interesting. Specifically, there is a hidden message buried within the HTML code of its homepage:

The website mentioned by the secret message belonged to the U.S Digital Service (USDS) which is a unit under the Executive Office of the President. In general, USDS provides multi-discipline experts to federal agencies to help modernise their tools and systems.


In fact, the USDS was established by President Barack Obama in 2014 after the massive technical difficulties that his administration had faced during the launch of Obamacare which depended heavily on a custom-built online health insurance marketplace. Since then, USDS has also worked on several projects involving the immigration system, veteran services, health data, and more.

All in all, the secret message is a recruitment call that is being aimed at the U.S techies. While an embedded message within a HTML code might be something that is considered as basic by many but still, well played, USDS.

(Image: Aaron Kittredge / Pexels.)

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