Google Maps To Introduce Trips Tab For Past Vacations

Google has announced that it will soon add a new Trips tab in your Timeline within the Maps app on Android. The feature will display summaries of a user’s past vacation, including places they have previously visited, the total kilometres traveled to reach a certain destination, and the modes of transportation used to get there.


In addition to this, the Google blog post also states that by turning on the Location History setting from your device, you will be able to share vacation recommendations to friends or family. You can also use this to share past itineraries, previous checked in hotels and restaurants, among others.

Similarly, Google is planning to bring the Timeline feature to the Google Photos map view. With this, users will gain the ability to track where a certain photo was captured during a recent holiday trip and trace the exact path used to reach a destination. Alternatively, if users choose not to have this feature enabled, they can do by hiding it from the map view setting within the Photos app.

At the time of writing, the Trips feature has not been rolled out to the general public yet and no exact timing has been provided on when Google will make this feature available. We will just have to remain patient until we see a future update in the future.

(Source: Google Blog, XDA)

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