WhatsApp Begins Roll Out Of New Shopping Button For Business App

It’s been approximately a year since WhatsApp updated its Business app. Recently, the Facebook-owned messaging app released a new update in the form of a “shopping button”.


Technically implemented since October, the new button basically brings owners to a connected page that lists down the business’ goods and services. Should anything on the list look appealing, the viewer can then purchase said products directly from the platform.

That said, there isn’t any checkout button available for direct purchasing right now. At the moment, only a dedicated Message Business button is visible and for some reason, WhatsApp seems to have left out on the direct Add to Cart option.

The new shopping button is currently being rolled out to all WhatsApp business users. If you’re not seeing it appear on your app, it’s likely due to the rollout being done in batches. To that end, do have a little patience.

(Source: Engadget)

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