Google Meet Now Allows You To Accept Or Deny Join Requests In Bulk

Google has announced via its official blog that the Meet app will now be updated with a new feature that allows users to accept conference call join requests (also known as “Knocks”) in bulk. In addition to this, the feature will also limit interruptions during an ongoing call between each participant within the Google Meet platform.


However, it is worth noting that only an admin or meeting organiser will be able to see and approve any potential participants if they choose to join the call session. Google added that this feature will be enabled by default once it has been made available to the video conferencing platform.

(image: Android Police)

As you can see from the screenshot above, the update will now give you the option to accept and deny requests individually or entirely. For instance, you can admit a select number of people that you wish to join the conference call and then immediately deny the rest in a single click. This makes it easier for an admin to manage a session’s participants, especially when sifting through a large list of people.

For now, Google has made it clear that this feature will be available to selected Google Workspace customers. The extended rollout for this update is currently scheduled to start on 16 November 2020 for other Meet users.

(Source: Google Blog, Android Police)

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