MIASA Malaysia And Naluri Utilise Instagram Guides To Help Address Mental Well-Being

MIASA Malaysia and Naluri, respectively a mental health NGO and digital health platform in Malaysia, has started utilising the Instagram Guide feature on 5 November 2020. As we had previously reported, the feature was first introduced to help users discover reliable information from publishers and non-profit organisations.


By utilising the Instagram Guide feature, both organisations aim to help people within the Instagram community to better understand the importance of taking care of their well-being, and maintaining a quality connection with others. Especially if they require guidance on managing anxiety or grief.

If you would like to explore the various contents posted by the aforementioned organisations via Instagram Guide, simply head on to the MIASA Malaysia and Naluri Instagram pages. Upon doing so, tap the middle icon to view a number of useful contents posted regarding mental health and other related topics.

In regards to this, it is also worth noting that both Facebook and Instagram in Malaysia had also embarked on a mental health campaign known as #RealTalk to address mental health issues during the COVID 19 pandemic. The above-mentioned campaign will utilise the Guides feature and include various personalities such as Slurpee_crank, Fariz Zakaria, and other key figures.

With that said, if you are currently looking to gain some positive insights and tips on how to better deal with mental health issues, you may do so by visiting the official MIASA Malaysia and Naluri Instagram page, as well as their respective websites.

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