YouTube On Android Now Has Full Screen Description

YouTube has rolled out its new full-screen description sheets interface for Android devices. The feature aims to provide a full description of any videos that are currently being watched on YouTube.


Upon tapping on the description panel, users will see the description sheet with rounded corners rise from the bottom of the screen. Doing this also reveals the usual information such as links and hashtags as usual.

This sheet will cover the entire YouTube UI, besides the video itself, for a full view reading experience. This also separates the description from the other elements. To interact with the other elements in the UI like comments and recommended videos, you’ll have to first put the sheet away. This makes it similar to the way the app deals with the comments section.

Google has begun rolling out the feature, though don’t be too alarmed if you haven’t had access to it yet. And it is still not known if this feature will also be introduced for iOS devices soon.

(Source: 9To5Google)