Google Introduces Message Schedule Feature To Its Dedicated Messages App

Google has introduced a new feature to its Messages app that will allow users to promptly schedule their text messages. However, do note that Google is only rolling out this update to limited users for now.


As first spotted by Twitter user Sai Reddy (@besaireddy), in order to schedule a message via the Google Messages app, users will be required to tap and hold the Send button until a new schedule option appears. Upon doing so, there will be three separate schedule options to choose from which includes “Later today, 6:00pm”, “Later tonight, 9:00pm”, and “Tomorrow, 8:00am”.

Alternatively, if users choose to schedule their own custom time, they can do so by tapping on the “Select date and time” option found below the other pre-determined options. Upon tapping on this, users will be greeted with a new pop up notification which will display two new scheduling options for the date and time. After setting your preference, tap Save to set your own custom schedule.

Once a scheduled message has been set by the user, a separate “Scheduled Message” icon will appear within the Google Messages chatbox. If the user decides to tap on the aforementioned icon, they will be able to reschedule a particular message for a new time and date. In addition to this, the icon will also allow users to delete the message if they wish to do so.

At the time of writing, XDA notes that the newly implemented Google Messages feature can be accessed via an APK download. However, it is still not known when the company will finally release this feature on its full-fledged app. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see this feature in the coming months.

(Source: XDA, Twitter via @basaireddy)

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