Samsung Will Be Shutting Down Its S Translator App Starting Next Month

Samsung has announced that the S Translator App found on older Galaxy S5 devices will be disabled starting 1 December 2020. As an alternative, the company suggests that users may choose to utilise the its own Bixby Vision or the Google Translate feature.


In an email notification sent to South Korean users, Samsung mentioned that its decision to shut down the S Translator app is due to the company’s current operating policy. At the same time, it is also noted that all personal information which has been provided by existing users will be timely destroyed in order to protect their privacy.

As a recap, the S Translator app was first introduced by Samsung to run against competitors such as the Google Translator and Microsoft Translator. However, Samsung’s own S Translator app was only offered on its flagship devices such as the Galaxy S series as a pre-installed app. Similarly, other Samsung owned apps such as the S Voice and Mirrorlink, to name a few, had also faced the same fate this year alone.

Fortunately, there are still a multitude of third-party translation apps available such as those mentioned earlier. Still, if you are an active user of the S Translator app, this update is one that you might want to take note of right now.

(Source: Android Central, Tizen Help)

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