Google Working On Full Webpage Screenshot For Chrome On Android

Google is reportedly working on a full webpage scrolling screenshots feature for the Chrome browser on Android devices. Prior to this implementation, users within the Android ecosystem were left with little to no choice but to rely on third-party apps if they wished to execute a full screenshot. This is because Android devices lacked the ability to scroll while performing screenshots for full-page coverage.


The “Long Screenshot” feature, as it is currently named was first spotted by Chrome Story under a new experimental flag for Google Chrome on Android. Based on the flag’s description, it briefly explains how the said feature will simultaneously enable Chrome UI to edit and share long screenshots on Android.

However, there seems to be a minor catch with this update though. While users will be able to perform scrolling screenshots if and when the update has been officially released, do note that you will only be able to perform full screenshots within Chrome tabs. For other apps outside of the Google Chrome environment, a third-party app will still be required, unfortunately.

At the time of writing, the aforementioned feature is currently not available for use and it is not known if Google will indeed officially release this feature in the coming months. However, we will keep you updated regarding this update when more information is available.

(Source: Chrome Story || Header image: Android Police)

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