Xiaomi Mulling On Producing A Redmi Mini Smartphone

Xiaomi has revealed that it is considering producing a Mini smartphone under its Redmi sub-brand. This was made known by company executive Lu Weibing on Weibo, who also noted a certain setback is expected if they do decide on releasing a compact phone.


The Xiaomi executive says that in order to achieve a smaller size, the company would have to fit a battery with a smaller capacity. This would mean that the supposed Redmi Mini would only be equipped with a battery lower than 4,000mAh capacity, which is somewhat the norm in current generation smartphones.

Mullings of producing a compact smartphone is likely credited to Apple’s recent introduction of the iPhone 12 Mini last week. Besides sporting a smaller form factor and a 5.4-inch display, the device comes with the same A14 Bionic processor as its siblings, as well as a 15-hour battery life. If Xiaomi is planning to rival Apple’s compact phone, its own Redmi Mini would have to feature matching or better battery capacity, on top of being equipped with substantial internal hardware.

The Redmi Mini is merely an idea for now, with no confirmation from Xiaomi regarding its production or expected release. Perhaps when this does fly off in the near future, we could hopefully see more competition and revitalised interest in compact smartphones.

(Source: Weibo via Android Authority)