You Can Now Hum A Melody To Search For Songs Through Google

Google has introduced a new way for users to search a song through its app or Google Search widget. Instead of typing keywords into the search box, you can now search by humming, whistling, or singing the melody into it.


To utilise this feature, all users got to do is to tap on the mic icon which is situated within the Google search bar and say “What’s this song?” or click the “Search a Song” button. Upon doing so, users can begin humming the melody for about 10-15 seconds for Search to begin tracing the tune.

Made possible through machine learning, Google will then present the results in the form of a song list. Underneath each song, there is also a percentage rating which shows how close your humming matches the search results.

According to Google, this feature is currently available in English for iOS while it is available in more than 20 languages on Android. While the feature has been rolled out to users throughout the world, don’t be surprised if you couldn’t find it in the Google app within your device.

Just make sure that the app is updated and the hum-to-search feature will be made available to you in no time.

(Source: Google)

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