Qualcomm To Develop A Gaming Phone With Help From ASUS

Qualcomm has made many Snapdragon chipsets that powered many phones, including a few gaming models. But it looks like the company is interested in making its own gaming phone. And to do that, the company is getting help from ASUS.

Taiwanese outlet Digitimes reports that Qualcomm will be working with ASUS to develop and launch phones bearing the former’s branding. And on the launch bit, it could actually happen as soon as the end of this year, too. The former will take care of the “industry design” and “software integration optimising its Snapdragon 875 platform”. On the other hand, the latter will take care of designing and developing the rest of the hardware.


The report also mentions the joint purchasing of components used by both the ASUS ROG Phone series and the ones Qualcomm is making. This means that there is bound to be similarities between the two. At the same time, with economies of scale, the Taiwanese brand could also reduce production costs of its own phone.

And finally, the report says that both companies expect to produce about a million phones a year, split evenly between the two phones. No word on the specs, but with the mention of the Snapdragon 875, that’s at least a single hint as to what to expect.

(Source: Digitimes via Android Authority)

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