Aston Martin Announces Its First Racing Sim Called The AMR-C01

You know the name Aston Martin as the maker of very expensive cars. Now, racing sims may also be another thing you associate with the brand. The company has announced the AMR-C01, its first racing sim, made with the help of Curv Racing Simulators.


Aston Martin says that the racing sim is made of carbon fibre, and the leather seat is made to mirror the sitting position of its Valkyrie supercar. The front of the whole setup is also made to be reminiscent of the car made by the brand.

There’s also a PC of some sort beneath the fancy setup, which runs Assetto Corsa. Displaying what you see is a large curved screen, though the company did not disclose its make and specs either.

Naturally, this isn’t something that the company makes on a regular basis. Reflecting this is the limited number of AMR-C01 racing sims that the company will be making, which is a low number of 150. Despite this, it comes in a variety of colour options and combinations.

And with it being an Aston Martin limited edition product, it comes with a price tag that reflects its status. If you want to buy the AMR-C01, you’ll have to fork out GBP57500 (~RM306777). That’s about a third of an actual car by the brand.

(Source: Aston Martin)

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