LG Wing Now Official; Swivels Last Over 200,000 Times

We’ve seen the LG Wing a couple of times already, but we didn’t have a lot on information on the full extent of its capabilities. Now, the company has officially unveiled the device. And with it, the full extent of the device’s capabilities.


The LG Wing sports a 6.8-inch POLED panel on its main display, which also has a fingerprint sensor underneath. When you swivel it off, this reveals the secondary 3.9-inch OLED screen. The company has tested the swivel motion to make sure it lasts for more than 200,000 times. This display will take over your notifications that usually get in the way during your fullscreen apps.

This means that while you’re watching a video on YouTube for example, the main screen shows only the video. The secondary screen takes over everything else, like comments, video controls, and even incoming calls. You can also lock this secondary display so that you don’t accidentally tap on it.

One thing that stood out when we first saw the LG Wing was that it didn’t have a visible front-facing camera. As it turns out, it comes with a 32MP popup, which detracts automatically when it detects that the phone is being dropped. At the back, it comes with a 64MP main shooter, a 12MP ultra-wide, and a 13MP standard wide-angle shooter.

The camera setup also has a nifty trick up its sleeve. LG calls it the Gimbal Motion Camera. This makes use of what LG calls the Hexa Motion Stabiliser to help stabilise video footage. This is done via AI with the wide-angle cameras. The secondary display also acts as a handle, which has a virtual stick you can use to tilt and pan, as if it was an actual gimbal system.

Other items on the LG Wing spec sheet is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, 8GB of RAM, a choice of either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, and a 4000mAh battery. The device also comes with an IP54 rating.

LG says the Wing will be launching next month in South Korea, followed by “key markets” in North America and Europe. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of when it will appear elsewhere, including our shores. Prices are missing as well for both storage configurations.


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