LG Wing Video Leak Shows Off Its Swivel Mechanic

We’re getting closer to 14 September, the expected launch date of the LG Wing. Unfortunately for the company, it looks like the device will have to go through one more leak before it gets an official unveiling. And this leak is a pretty substantial one, as we see the device’s main gimmick in action.


A Korean YouTube channel which translates to Rainbow Entertainment has uploaded a video of the supposed LG Wing. In it, we see its second screen from its T-shape twisting back into the standard phone form factor. There doesn’t seem to be any sliding motion involve, transforming instead in a single motion. This does make it look like the swivelling only goes in one direction.

There are other details of the supposed LG Wing that we can gleam from the video. One is that it’s pretty thick, owing to the two displays stacked on one another.  The other is that it has curved edges, which is a pretty common design choice by many phone makers.

It has the usual SIM tray on the left, with the USB-C charging port and speaker grille at the bottom. The right should be where the power button and volume rockers are, but it’s difficult to see them clearly in the video. There was also no good look of the top of the supposed LG Wing, but with recent trends, it’d be hard to be optimistic about a 3.5mm audio jack being present.

At any rate, we’ll find out for sure next week, when LG officially unveils its Explorer Project, and the Wing. As mentioned earlier, this is set to happen on 14 September.

(Source: Rainbow Entertainment / Youtube)

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