U Mobile Opens Up 5G Network To The Public At Berjaya Times Square

U Mobile has launched its 5G live trial in Berjaya Times Square, where the telco is headquartered. The company calls the live trial Fast Forward with U Mobile. And as part of the trial, the telco says it has provisioned all of its SIMs 5G-ready which allows all of its customers to experience 5G connectivity when they are in the mall.


Generally, you’ll be able to get a taste of the 5G experience when you’re on the lower ground and first floors of the mall. This is made possible via active antennas that are scattered around these three floors.

Specifically, there are three on the first floor, even on the ground floor, and 12 on the lower ground floor. The 5G network here is also running on the 100MHz block from the 3.5GHz spectrum.

Of course, being a live trial, this is more than just U Mobile letting its customers get a taste of 5G. Throughout the trial, the telco will also be collecting data to be studied in preparation for a commercial rollout nationwide.

If you’re a U Mobile subscriber and would like to experience 5G connectivity speeds for yourself, then you can head to Berjaya Times Square to do so, while the trial is still active. The Fast Forward with U Mobile 5G live trial is set to end on 31 December of 2020.

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