Google Delivers Wi-Fi Sync, Mic Slider, And Improved Settings Search To Chromebooks

In case you have not noticed from the recent news cycles, it seems that Google has been rolling out updates to many of its products as of late. This time around, the company has just deployed new features to Chromebooks via Chrome OS 85.


For starters, users are now able to have their Wi-Fi passwords synced into the Google Account that they use on their Chromebook. Hence, they will now no longer need to recall the Wi-Fi passwords should they decide to use a different Chromebook device.

Additionally, the search function within Chromebook settings has also been updated with a new intelligent search model. Now, the search bar will provide suggestions that are related to the keyword instead of just settings that exactly match the search term.

At the same time, the company says they will soon allow users to search through their Chromebook settings via the Launcher feature within Chrome OS.

Not to forget, the latest feature that Google has added to the Chrome OS is the new mic slider which allows users to control the level of mic volume through the operating system’s Quick Settings. The company has also noted that users can now pause and resume video recording when they are using the built-in camera app.

Additionally, users are also now able to capture snapshots while in the middle of a video recording. So, Chromebook users out there, do take note and keep an eye out for these new features in your device.

(Source: Google Blog)

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