Xiaomi Unveils Third Gen Under-Display Camera Tech; To Debut In 2021

Xiaomi has unveiled its third generation under-display camera technology for its upcoming smartphones. In its recent blogpost, the company detailed the improvements made to ensure high quality image capture with the technology – bypassing concerns such as colour accuracy and hazing.


It explained that a new pixel arrangement and an optimisation of the under-display camera algorithm have been developed, which Xiaomi claims is capable of achieving the same performance as conventional front-facing shooters. At the same time, the company assures that the area covering the camera will remain undeterred in terms of screen quality – therefore providing a seamless all-screen smartphone experience for users.

As demonstrated by the example provided, horizontal and vertical pixels in the screen above the camera are now doubled. Thus, allowing for more light to pass through the sub-pixel gaps, while having the same display pixel density as the rest of the screen. Xiaomi added that it also developed a new special circuit design to “hide more components under the RGB sub-pixels” as a way to further increase the light transmittance of the under-screen camera.

By combining this with the new optimisation algorithm, the camera is able to produce images on par with current front-facing shooters, Xiaomi claims. However, this new tech would not be available to us anytime soon for our own testing. The company noted that smartphones equipped with the third generation under-display camera will only see mass production starting in 2021.

On a somewhat related note, fellow Chinese tech company ZTE is set to be the first to have the technology commercially available in the market via its Axon 50 5G smartphone. The upcoming device will launch in China on 1 September 2020.

(Source: Xiaomi [Official blog] via GSMArena | Images: Xiaomi)

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