Supreme Unveils A Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet As Part Of Its Latest Collection

From a humble skate shop in New York, Supreme has since grown into a fashion icon that is known throughout the world. Aside from limited-edition releases, one of the many ways that the streetwear brand established itself in the eye of the masses is through its collaborative products.


Supreme recently unveiled tons of such products as part of its Fall/Winter 2020 collection but this particular release caught our attention: a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet with a custom Supreme theme.

Made by a company called Arcade1Up, the cabinet includes three variety of Mortal Kombat including the original game as well as Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. It is also equipped with a 17-inch display and two sets of joysticks as well as buttons, so that you and fellow hypebeasts can beat each other up in any of the three legendary fighting games.

The price tag for arcade cabinet is still a mystery for the time being but as a comparison, a standard version without custom Supreme theme already costs USD 300 (~RM 1,254). Hence, the Supreme variant would definitely cost a lot more by default and would only go higher once it reaches into the resellers’ market.

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