U Mobile Helps Deliver Waze Beacons In SMART Tunnel

U Mobile today has announced a new partnership with Waze and SMART Tunnel to help deliver seamless navigation experience to all SMART Tunnel users. This is being done through the deployment of Waze Beacons inside the dual-purpose tunnel which contains 3km of motorway road inside the tunnel itself.


For those who are not familiar with Waze Beacon, it is a Bluetooth-based device which is designed to help navigation software and apps to continue their operation even though there is no GPS signal within the area. Despite the name, Waze Beacon is actually platform-agnostic and can be utilised by any navigation services.

To our knowledge, the deployment of Waze Beacons in SMART Tunnel is the second such implementation in Malaysia after TRX City earlier this year which was also the first in Southeast Asia. According to U Mobile’s press release, almost 240 Waze Beacons are already operational within the tunnel.

Hence, if you depend on Waze to bring you around Kuala Lumpur and SMART Tunnel is part of your route, do make sure to activate the Bluetooth function on your phone. This is so that you can continue making your way to the destination without any disturbance even when you are inside the tunnel.

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