ZTE Could Launch First Smartphone With An Under-Display Camera

Perhaps one of the most anticipated smartphone technologies that has yet to make an official debut is an under-display front-facing camera. Despite already showing it off on their respective prototype models, neither OPPO or Xiaomi will be the first to launch a device featuring the tech. Instead, the honour could go to rival smartphone maker ZTE.


This was made known by ZTE president Ni Fei, who made the announcement in a post on Chinese social media Weibo earlier today. He mentioned that the new smartphone will be launched soon, but did not specify a date or further details regarding it. However, it is revealed that the post was submitted by Fei via a new device known as the ZTE A20 5G, which is quite likely the model that is planned to be debuted.

Screenshot of ZTE president Ni Fei’s post on Weibo

GSMArena believes that the new ZTE A20 5G will be equipped with a display manufactured by Visionox, who had begun mass production of screens compatible with under-display cameras in early June of this year. The maker explained that its screen technology features organic and non-organic film materials that allows for higher transparency – thus allowing for brighter and sharper photos to be taken with this approach.

While under-display camera technology is indeed possible in this day and age, its effectiveness is still far from perfect – as seen with OPPO’s working prototype that was showcased during MWC Shanghai last year. Hopefully we’ll be able to see an evolution of the tech in action soon enough whenever ZTE is ready to unveil its new smartphone.

(Source: Weibo via GSMArena | Header image: Visionox)