Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series Telco Price Comparison: Maxis, Digi, U Mobile, and Celcom

Immediately after the official unveiling of Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra at the Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this week, Samsung has also revealed their local prices for Malaysia. The company has also kickstarted the pre-order program for the new flagship series which means it is also time for local telcos to hop on the train.


Hence, we have scoured through the Galaxy Note20 series offerings from the four major telcos in Malaysia. Before we go further, we would like to note (heh) that all of these telcos are only offering the 5G version of the standard Galaxy Note20.


As per Samsung’s own announcement, Maxis is also giving away the new Galaxy Buds Live TWS beans, or the Galaxy Buds Plus, depending on which model you pick. The Ultra device gets you the former, while the standard one gets you the latter.

The telco is also throwing in the Samsung UV Steriliser and an additional wireless charger for free as well, regardless of which model you pick.


At this moment, it looks like Digi is only offering the new Galaxy Note20 devices under its PhoneFreedom 365 plan but not through normal contract. In terms of free gift, you’ll still be getting either the Galaxy Buds Live or Buds Plus, depending on which model you pick.

U Mobile


U Mobile, on the other hand, is only offering the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the standard Galaxy Note20 model  under its normal contract and not UPackage. As before though, whether or not you’re exempt from paying the upfront fee depends on if you’re already a subscriber to the telco.

For free gifts, you get three items thrown in, much like Maxis is offering. And as usual, if you’re looking at nothing but the lowest price you can get the device for, it’s hard to beat what U Mobile has to offer.


If you’re looking, get the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at a subsidised price and as much data as possible, getting it with the Celcom MEGA Lightning XL looks like a good deal.

It’s also worth noting that Celcom also has MEGA Unlimited plans and passes, in addition to Lightning. These go up to L only, but are otherwise priced similarly to the Lightning plan and passes.

As per Maxis and U Mobile, Celcom also provides free UV Sterilizer and additional wireless charger for all of its Galaxy Note20 series pre-order customers while stocks last.

Based on our observations, if you’re looking to get a device for the lowest possible total cost among the telcos, it seems that U Mobile is the one to go for.

That said, Celcom’s MEGA Lightning XL offering for the Ultra model looks interesting in terms of value for money. At least, that is when compared to the telco’s other plans.

For more details on what each telco is offering, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plans at their respective websites, as linked in the source list below.

(Source: Maxis, Digi, U Mobile, Celcom)

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