Fashion Designer Creates LED Equipped Face Mask For Charity; Priced At USD95

Lumen Couture is an independent fashion brand that makes tech-enabled fashion; from dresses, hoodies to even costumes. The brand recently made headlines in websites such as The Verge, thanks to a LED equipped face mask that it will be releasing in August this year. The LED lighting on the mask could also be customised and controlled via a companion app, and is also voice enabled.


The mask was originally introduced as part of a DIY tutorial on YouTube by brand designer Chelsea Klukas in April, and a full-blown production was not planned. However, the video was so well received and certain viewers had also asked for a ready-to-wear version of the mask, Klukas said.

The designer added that the mask has been Lumen Couture’s best-selling item so far after announcing its availability. Klukas said that she has no intention of trying to profit from the pandemic, and noted that all proceeds from sales of the mask throughout June – over USD4,500 – have been donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 relief fund.

The mask features a removable thin LED matrix screen which allows wearers to display custom text and even voice inputs via a companion app. According to Klukas, the fabric is washable after removing the electronic components, and can be worn as a regular face mask as well. She noted that the mask – when equipped with the LED screen – is intended for leisure use, and is not recommended to be worn as an actual protective mask.

The mask is available to order via Lumen Couture’s official website and is priced at USD95 (~RM404) a piece. According to the site, it will be shipped to buyers starting from 9 August 2020. Additionally, the mask’s companion app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

(Source: Lumen Couture via The Verge)

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